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“Warn” + “Her” = Sean Cody’s Warner

When this jock opens his mouth, it’s not a purse that falls out, it’s a douchebag.

“I played football, baseball, and wrestling. I was ranked #1 in two sports all throughout high school.”

19-year-old Warner is college freshmen jock who’s still trading on his school varsity jacket to get him laid.

For today, he’s practicing the pronoun game too.

sean cody warnerHe is a cutie. He’s got a solid body and natural body hair. I hope he’s good with his tongue as below the belt, front and back, he’s not the biggest man on campus – but that doesn’t stop him from being a major dick.

If you like his looks, mute the volume and watch the show.

“Dating these days with social media is pretty kooky. You never know if you are going to get catfished or what’s supposed to happen.”

“When I did go to meet them, they were a completely different person and it freaked me out.”

sean cody warner“A month or go I was definitely in a ‘hit it or quit it’ situation. I don’t feel like dealing with the baggage.”

“I like to think, ‘you focus on ass when you want and think about the future later.” If you know what means, that makes one of us.

“We have a group chat situation with my friends. We’ll take a picture of the person after we’re done “hitting it and quitting it,’ and …” Careful, girls.

sean cody warner“I’m definitely a foot guy. I’m a freak when it comes to feet. I love fucking feet. I love licking feet. It’s just my thing.” Considering his own foot in often in his mouth, I wonder if that really means he can blow himself?

sean cody warnerSean Cody must have picked up on the fact that what was coming out of his mouth was cock blocking why they were filming him the first place. There’s no second part to the interview, not so much as a word at the end, and the entire second round is almost over before it begins. One word: #ByeWarner.

[Watch “Warner at Sean Cody”]

There’s Warner today. An as of yet unknown pairing for Wednesday at midnight, but Sean Cody is pretty excited about this weekend’s threeway …

Will we be as excited after we’ve seen it as they are in promoting it? I sure hope so.

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