Manuel Skye, Kosta Viking

Warning: Do Not Try This At Home

Strap yourselves in, folks…this is arguably the hottest flip fuck of the year. It’s spirited. It’s aggressive. It’s sweaty. And it’s oh-so flexible thanks to Manuel Skye and his stunning Cirque du Soleil physique.

We’ve see Manuel get creative before, but every time I see him show off his skills again I am more and more in awe. And from the start, his pairing with Kosta Viking is a winner simply based on the visual of their stunning bodies together. I mean, Jesus…good luck finding a pair of hunks more ripped than these two.

Manuel Skye, Kosta Viking Manuel Skye, Kosta Viking

And what’s so joyous about them together is how truly versatile they are, sucking and fucking each other with passion. You can tell they are enjoying every second of it, no matter what it is they’re doing to each other.

Manuel Skye, Kosta Viking Manuel Skye, Kosta Viking

The oral exchange is aces, highlighted by Manuel’s aggressive face fuck that has Kosta gasping for breath. You’ll notice right away that these two are both rock hard throughout, and any time one of their cocks is released from a mouth or hole, it instantly goes boinging up in the air with speed and force (this is such a hot visual!).

Manuel Skye, Kosta Viking Manuel Skye, Kosta Viking

Then we’re off to the fucking, and these two put on a clinic. Often fast and furious, with their bodies increasingly glistening, they put on a true showing of aggressive man sex with plenty of fun positions to keep us staring in appreciation. Manuel tops and bottoms in the splits position (!!!), which deserves some kind of award. He’s such fun to watch, and frankly should charge hefty admission for live sex shows where he shows off like this (I’m thinking a headlining show in Vegas?).

Manuel Skye, Kosta Viking Manuel Skye, Kosta Viking

Plus, we get to see a hot sequence with Kosta sitting down on Manuel and driving his cock, thrusting his tight body up and down and showing off his core strength. He also gets on his back and rolls up his legs as Manuel pounds him, which gets both of them breathing deep. Bravo guys, bravo! This is quite a show, and one of my favorite scenes of the year (and just missed the cutoff date for our list of the Top 10 Lucas Entertainment Scenes of 2022…So Far!).

Can you fuck in these positions?!

See the full scene at Lucas Entertainment!


4 thoughts on “Warning: Do Not Try This At Home”

  1. LOLOLOL, at my age, it’s a bit TOO “athletic.” All I could groan to myself watching the clip, was, “OUCH!”

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