Watch: Dalton Riley’s Hole Gets Wrecked By Missile Thruster

No hot guys nearby on Grindr? No problem! Fort Troff’s Missile Thruster is the perfect personal handheld top that will take care of all your needs – just ask gay porn star Dalton Riley.

In a series of videos sent to us by the boys at Fort Troff, Riley can be seen busting out his hot hole and hairy cock in a public restroom while using this must-have portable fuck machine. Sporting a soft mushroom head that slips in easy, no matter the hole, and a rigid shaft that leaves tight boys loose, the Missile Thruster is mounted in multiple positions with Riley riding and getting fucked until he’s left twitchin’ and drippin’ in his stall.

Made of premium, body-safe liquid silicone (meaning you can use any damn lube you want), the Missile Thruster delivers two inches of thrust for hole-wreckin’ fun at three different speeds and eight vibration settings. The toy also features forty-five minutes of playtime, a USB rechargeable battery, and a remote control for easy, hands-off play. 

“I fucking love this toy,” says a freshly fucked Riley about the Missile Thruster. “And the fact that it comes with a mount is even better, because there’s nothing that you can’t do with this toy. There’s nowhere you can’t put it and it not feel good to get fucked.”

The Missile Thruster fits seamlessly onto Fort Troff’s Flex Fucker Wall Mount, meaning you can get railed from ANY angle your hole desires. It also comes with a suction cup base, so once you stick it – it STAYS! And at only $135 (or $145 with the added Wall Mount) you can bust a nut without breaking the bank.

“It’s great because depending on how deep you sit down onto it, the end of it is just gonna hit wherever you want it to,” continues Riley. “So if you don’t want it to go super deep and you kinda want it to tease your hole a little bit or kinda like warm you up, it can warm you up before you go even deeper. It kinda eliminates the need to ‘warm up.’ It’s like a ‘gets you ready before it fucks your brains out‘ toy.”

Get a load of the videos featuring Dalton Riley using this premium toy above and if you want to get your hands on your own Missile Thruster, click over to for a hands-free, butt-bustin’ good time.

[Fort Troff’s Missile Thruster]


3 thoughts on “Watch: Dalton Riley’s Hole Gets Wrecked By Missile Thruster”

  1. The thrust only goes so deep. Like an inch and half. If you put too much pressure, it will break. Same as vibrating dildos. The mechanism that vibrates is too low near the base that you really do not feel vibrations. Either makers make the mechanism at the end or middle of the dildo, it be better. So I just use my fav big ass 13 inch brown beast and my massager on and vibrate that fucker good.

    The dildo official name is Lynx 12 inch. But in all reality it is bigger than 12. Got it on Amazon.
    Good thing about it is there is enough softness and not hard rubber. But firm enough to go in your ass.

  2. purchased one of these and it was great for about 6months and then stopped working ..the vibration went first and then the thruster gave up a few months later

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