Falcon's Endless Summer

WATCH: Falcon Studios Drops Star-Studded Music Video for ‘Falcon’s Endless Summer’

Sun’s out! Buns out! Get your guns out! All summer long, we’ve been listening to Remixlab and featured artist Brandon Wilde’s new original song in scenes from Falcon’s Endless Summer, but now, we’re finally getting to watch the full music video for our official song of the summer!

Appropriately titled “Falcon’s Endless Summer”, the song is packed full of beach-ready innuendos along with a video that’s stuffed full of our favorite porn stars from Falcon’s Endless Summer and upcoming FalconStudios.com projects that are set to continue Falcon’s season-long summer event. This includes Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives Dean Young and Luca del Rey, along with Matheuz Henk, Oliver Marks, Carter Collins, Devin Franco, Trevor Brooks, Damian Night, Ashley Stones, MrDeepVoice, Kyle Fletcher, Alpha Wolfe, Jordan Starr, and Austin Avery.

This song also marks the 12th musical collaboration between Falcon’s Endless Summer director Tony Dimarco and Remixlab – also known as Jesse Holt. In case you didn’t know, Remixlab did the soundtrack for the fan favorite Falcon film Route 69 and, along with Andre Donovan, was behind RIDE ON IT, the original song from Raging Stallion’s RIDE OR DIE mini-series.

Take a look at the full video of “Falcon’s Endless Summer” below, let us know what you think of the video down in the comments, and be sure to stream or buy this summertime bop wherever you get your music! After that, head over to FalconStudios.com to catch up on all the beach-bound bareback action from Falcon’s Endless Summer.



4 thoughts on “WATCH: Falcon Studios Drops Star-Studded Music Video for ‘Falcon’s Endless Summer’”

  1. Devin Franco is with an inflated body and looks weird. Alpha Wolfe is aging very rapidly. Austin Avery is absolutely beautiful, but he needs to sleep better because he has dark circles under his eyes. Dean Young is truly gorgeous and does not need aesthetic interventions. Luca Del Rey, Jordan Starr, two beautiful forces of Nature. And Brandon Wilde, as a singer, is a true talent. He is funny, sexy, soft and adorable.

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