Josh Moore

Watch Josh Moore Bake Naked for Free…And Whip Up a Special Cream Filling!

The sexy hung Falcon exclusive whips out his utensils to bake up a sweet treat, and you can watch it FREE this weekend as NakedSword continues its creative quarantine programming during Weekends at NakedSword!

Last week, NakedSword debuted its free weekend series with the premiere of PLAY, an XXX game show from award-winning director Marc MacNamara featuring Calvin Banks, Ty Mitchell and a fresh-out-of-prison Jarec Wentworth in a hot and hysterical social distancing soiree (which will return soon for NakedSword members to watch!). Now the studio continues Weekends at NakedSword with a new free offering: Naked Baking with Josh Moore! Catch this for free through Sunday, May 31st!

Josh Moore

Josh Moore

Josh Moore whips out his favorite brownie recipe and dives into the quarantine baking craze, but he does it better than anyone: NAKED! The devilishly handsome British beauty greases pans (“Get it nice and greasy!“), sifts flour, cracks eggs and whips them—and his viewers—into a frenzy, all the while playing with his enormous uncut cock. (And saying things like “thick,” “whip,” “overheat” and “sugar” in that sexy-as-fuck accent!)

Josh Moore

Josh Moore

Once the pan goes in the oven Josh finds himself with some time to kill and dives into everyone’s other favorite pastime, a hot J.O. session. So sit back and jack along in this sexy scene that will leave you asking “Brownies? What brownies?”

Here’s just a taste below…see the full scene FREE through May 31st at NakedSword!


10 thoughts on “Watch Josh Moore Bake Naked for Free…And Whip Up a Special Cream Filling!”

  1. What can i say that hasn’t been said about gorgeous English gay porn Star Josh Moore and his gorgeous fully FORESKINNED cock and loose nutsac.?. Too bad most if not all men here in America are cut. There’s something about FORESKIN cheeses’ that just can’t be had with guys with cut dicks. As an UNCUT guy myself, there’s never been an issue of keeping myself clean as i was taught as a child how to bathe. One thing UNCUT guys do that many cut guys can’t, produce strong and blast your head off EXPLOSIVE high volume loads due to sensitive cock heads. Both my partner are INTACT, we love each other and this hasn’t been an issue.

  2. I love Josh. He is so fun to watch and his smile and acent drive me crazy. One of the nice’s guys you will ever meet. The sexy body and big dick is a bonus.

  3. The Real Mr Moore

    If I wanted to see a grotesque example of cheap plastic surgery gone horribly wrong, I’d watch “Botched”. So you can keep your comedy fillers and mangled face, Josh

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