We’re Into Day 7 Of Sean Cody’s ‘Winter Getaway,’ And It’s Another Threeway

Back in the day, and by that I mean 2013, Sean Cody‘s on-location orgies only went on for four days.

But now that Mindgeek/Men.com owns them, they milk this shit for all its worth, and much like that Men At Sea series went on to seven parts, this getaway is up to a seventh day, and may go to eight or nine or ten at this point.

Sean Cody’s Mountain Getaway, which was the direct precursor to this year’s Winter Getaway — first they went to Tahoe, and now it’s further north at Mount Shasta.

And back then, they called it quits after bringing in six models, with an orgy on Day 4. This time, the big orgy happened on Day 5, it involved nine dudes, but that wasn’t even the finale. Once they’d brought Porter and Atticus and Brendan and Blake and Robbie up there they had to get the most of them.
Day 6 was a bathtub flip-fuck with Blake and Robbie that turned into a couch fuck went something like this. (Note: it’s all about Robbie’s cock.)


On Day 7, it’s rainy, and they make two of the other newly arrived boys, Porter and Atticus, stand around in the wet getting sexy with each other. Porter blows Atticus for a minute, while Tanner decides not to participate, and then Porter fucks Atticus outdoors in the rain. Then they go inside to find Brendan and Atticus spends some time bouncing from Brendan’s dick to Porter’s dick and back, and they spit-roast Atticus, and they do an unconventional train-fuck in which Atticus rides Porter’s cock while Brendan fucks Porter while both Porter and Brendan stay in a prone position. Like this.


So, just like Lane, Atticus poops out (sorry) on doing a DP. Oh well.


[Sean Cody: Winter Getaway Day 6]
[Sean Cody: Winter Getaway Day 7]


2 thoughts on “We’re Into Day 7 Of Sean Cody’s ‘Winter Getaway,’ And It’s Another Threeway”

  1. Worst 2 1/2 weeks in the history of SC. Hopefully many will cancel subscriptions over this never ending train-wreck they call “winter getaway”

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