Johnny Donovan, Troye Dean

What in God’s Name Happened to Johnny Donovan’s Dick?!

Why would you take such a handsome man like Johnny Donovan and remove that hot cock of his?! What in the world is going on here?!

Oh…I see. It’s a scene. Now it’s starting to make more sense. Apparently Johnny (aka Sean Cody’s Deacon) is an advanced sex toy (aka “Cumpanion“) ordered by Troye Dean, who excitedly unwraps his robot when it arrives, and initially Johnny is all Ken doll on the bottom until Troye figures out the right button to push.

Johnny Donovan, Troye Dean Johnny Donovan

Johnny Donovan, Troye Dean Johnny Donovan, Troye Dean

Sigh…stupid? Of course. But let’s count our blessings that there are a least no women here, and once the actual sex starts you can just ignore the storyline that preceded it and just enjoy. What’s truly surprising here (and kinda cool) is the role reversal: Troye, who we typically see bottoming, is all top here; while Johnny, who recently we have seen more as a top, is all bottom. That was certainly unexpected, and I gotta say I did seeing Troye and his hot cock explore this side of himself (although I wish we got to see Johnny sucking that hot shaft).

Johnny Donovan, Troye Dean Johnny Donovan, Troye Dean

Johnny Donovan, Troye Dean Johnny Donovan, Troye Dean

Okay, so you still have to overlook dialogue like “Boner detected…must get fucked now!” But once the scene gets going, we get to hear Johnny’s regular moaning and dirty talk instead of robot talk. The jock takes it from behind before hopping on Troye’s dick for a sit-down fuck, then gets on his back for more (the “X-ray shot” where we see Troye’s dick fucking him from behind…meh).

Can you overlook the silliness here to enjoy the scene? (I think Johnny is so hot and Troye is so cute, I’d watch them in anything.) What do you think of Troye as a top and Johnny as a bottom?

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7 thoughts on “What in God’s Name Happened to Johnny Donovan’s Dick?!”

    1. Remember the massacre in Moldavia (Ul(l)vik in the intro!) on ‘Die nasty’? That was about ‘blue eye-doll robots bi/bye the ‘Blue Sea”!!!!!! Perhaps that’s the solution, when you never seem to get interested! Steven’s boyfriend ‘Say your name’ Billy Campbell, who looks very much like ‘Ryanair Rose’, doesn’t live at Evensta(d):), but near Ryanair’s earlier base in Moss! That’s ‘It’s a long way to ‘tipper’ (=guess) Ari (Behn)’s home town)!!! Hope we soon can stop the war in the Ukraine, and of course Islam; it’s up to you!

      1. The Oscar goes to Billy Campbell, butt now you all have to get your finger out! Buy the bi and bye, here’re some fun facts about Oskar Wisting, my earlier neighbor who gave his name to the Academy Awards!!! He ‘moved’ to the S Pole, despite having the most beautiful views in world, and the best weather in ‘No way’!!! He also got a typical Norwegian joke, containing Oskar and ‘the teacher’, and a fictional detective named after him! Here you have a photo of our views as well; the Svenner Islands! The name comes from Svinør (=pig deaf?) and ‘you can see ‘Verdens Ende’ (=the end of the world), Bi-king Hägar the Horrible’s home town Kaupang, and the windmills in Kungsbacka (=king’s back?), Sweden from here! Let’s hope you’ll soon see the light!

  1. Universal Potentate

    Definitely a scene where they should have flipped. How else are you going to write a good consumer reports review?

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