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What Jock College Bro With the Big Dick Just Signed as a Next Door Exclusive?

The nips. The pits. That big bushy dick. If you don’t recognize this stud, shame on you!

We’re talking, of course, about Masyn Thorne! Now I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t he already a Next Door Exclusive?!” I thought so, too…because we’ve seen him there before and he fits in perfectly, especially in those Fraternity Fantasies (he exudes that hot frat boy vibe, right down to that baseball cap!). But no, it’s actually just now official: Masyn has sighed with Alpha Studio Group and Next Door Studios (Alpha also includes the likes of Disruptive, Active Duty, Rod’s Room and Pride Studios).

Masyn Thorne

Masyn made his porn debut in 2019 at GayRoom, and had a breakout 2020 where he appeared mostly with FratX and In 2021, he took it to the next level with bigger studios including Falcon, where he had a hot scene in Tales from the Locker Room 2, along with Next Door. The hot Atlanta native quickly became a fan favorite with his charisma, big dick and versatile performances (we see Masyn as a top more often, but he’s bent over on more than a few occasions).

Masyn Thorne

Masyn made his Next Door debut in “Fraternity Fantasies: Bend Over Pledges,” a hot fourgy with Brandon Anderson, Elliot Finn and Carter DelRey; and also appeared in another Frat Fantasy last year with Andrew Miller. Masyn also topped Blain O’Connor in “Take It Off” and Elliot again in Next Door Taboo’s “My Slut.”

Masyn Thorne

“I’ve been an adult film actor for four years now (since I was 18), and Next Door has always been an amazing place to work and I’m so grateful I get to be myself and perform and bring new character scenarios to life as well,” he said. “I’ve won two porn awards and had three nominations, and I’m so excited to see when one of the new NDS scenes will win! I love the energy, atmosphere, and scene partners.”

Masyn Thorne

Masyn also appeared in one Disruptive scene, “Corporate Greed” with Carter Woods—and I can’t wait to see him do more of those story-based scenes to show off that side of his talent (and lots more Fraternity Fantasy scenes, too…can we please get a Masyn/Jayden Marcos flip fuck?!). Congrats, Masyn!

See Masyn at Next Door!

11 thoughts on “What Jock College Bro With the Big Dick Just Signed as a Next Door Exclusive?”

  1. Masyn Thorne and Jayden Marcos seem to have the same kind of fun personality. I like watching both of them in action.

  2. Here is a wild idea. Let’s get a group of people of color and have them make their own studio and create everything they want to see. Then let the free market decide. People will watch or they won’t.

    1. we really should separate them, they smell like wet dogs when rain hits their hair, why is that white people? Do ya’ll not wash your hair?

  3. Love it. What’s more love his dirty mouth when he fucks or is getting fucked. That dirty banter is refreshing from all the “fucks” or grunts/groans.

    1. It is not about color or race. NDS did have Ebony Next Door, but it did not do to well. So you need to get off that POC bandwagon and just accept it. If you not you got other choices.

      1. ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!

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