Josh Collins

What’s Sexier: This Red-Hot Newcomer’s Ass or Accent?

Well hello there, Mr. Josh Collins! Where the hell have you been all of our lives?! If you’re unfamiliar with this ginger bottom’s work on OnlyFans, you are in for a treat as he makes his studio debut.

We would have put other body parts as choices in our headline, but we would have run out of room. It all starts with those sultry bedroom eyes and continues with his thick lips and gorgeous hair, a lush deep red that I want to run my fingers through (the color and thickness are absolute perfection). There’s also his smooth body with those gorgeous nips. But wait until he opens his mouth and that English accent comes out—and not just any English accent, but a deep and debonair one (when he speaks, I melt!).

Tristan West, Josh Collins Tristan West, Josh Collins

Needless to say, Josh is pushing a lot of my buttons. But he’s just half the story in this new CockyBoys scene, which also features the very first studio scene of another performer, handsome Tristan West. (This scene would fit right in with the recent NakedSword Originals project New Arrivals, which celebrated an entire full cast of newcomers!).

Tristan West, Josh Collins Tristan West, Josh Collins

Tristan is also sporting some fantastic hair, killer abs and a big bulge, which the ginger sub is soon slurping on before bending over to get his smooth hole munched and probed with a few fingers. He then gets plowed, including a romantic spoon position (aww, look at these two!) and a hot sequence where the camera looks down on the hot-bodied bottom as he gets fucked (with a yummy creampie sealing the deal).

Tristan West, Josh Collins Tristan West, Josh Collins

What do you think of these two newcomers? Do gingers get you red hot? What about deep British accents?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


3 thoughts on “What’s Sexier: This Red-Hot Newcomer’s Ass or Accent?”

  1. Universal Potentate

    That top is terrible! Worst “dirty talk” ever. Stilted hip movement. I did not feel like he helped Josh perform his best. It seemed even the cameraman felt awkward.
    If Josh got paired with Calvin Banks, that might help the newbie out a bit.

    1. He is doing great on the physical part of acting. But the talking, that is right up there with 80’s porn stars with their clothes on.

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