Max Konnor, Caleb Manning

When Your Hookup’s Dick Doesn’t Match The Pics He Sent

Have someone ever sent you a picture over a dating app only for you to realize that their photo wasn’t accurate at all? Like they sent you a snapshot of a huge dick and you later find out they actually have a small dick? Or they sent you a perfectly average dick and then you discover that they actually have a 10-inch monster hiding in their pants?

Well, if that last scenario happened to you, then you have something in common with Caleb Manning in his new scene for NakedSword Originals. For the twink’s debut NakedSword appearance, he can be seen chatting it up over an app, inviting Max Konnor over to take his virginity, and quickly realizing that Max’s meat is a lot bigger than he was expecting.

After seeing that his top’s dick is much larger in real life than it was in the photos there were previously sent over, Caleb tries ending the hookup and sending Max away. Never one to give up on a challenge, Max decides to stay and even offers to train Caleb’s virgin ass to take all ten of his hard, girthy inches. Take a look at some of the bareback Train My Hole action below:

So what do you think of this new scene? Have you ever been catfished or bamboozled by some pics on Grindr? Has someone ever sent you an inaccurate dick pic? Was it bigger or smaller than you expected? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to watch this entire bareback hookup over on NakedSword!

[Watch ‘Train My Hole’ w/ Max Konnor & Caleb Manning]


4 thoughts on “When Your Hookup’s Dick Doesn’t Match The Pics He Sent”

  1. Universal Potentate

    So … that was hot. Obviously that boy’s hole has been trained for a lot more than Max Conner’s dick, but it’s a good scene.

  2. Max Konner is one ugly guy who thinks he is a tough macho top. That is hilarious. He was a big bottom in his early boring career. He only gets stupid moron White/Blk sissy.

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