Roman Todd, Malik Delgaty

Which Cowboy Do You Wanna Ride: Roman Todd or Malik Delgaty?

Now this is more like it,! Why can’t you be more like this all the time?! Without any women in site, the studio puts two studs in cowboy hats in the middle of the desert for a visual feast that isn’t trying too hard to be silly (although the scene is titled “Yee Raw!“, which makes me giggle in spite of myself)..

Not that it fully makes sense, mind you, but it’s a step in the right direction. Handsome Roman Todd is driving around lost in the desert when he suddenly sees handsome cowboy Malik Delgaty wandering toward him. Is he a mirage?! Who cares when they both look like this

Roman Todd, Malik Delgaty Roman Todd, Malik Delgaty

Intrigued by the situation, Roman gets out of the car and is soon dressed up in a hat and assless chaps (apparently mirage Malik had a pair to spare?! I told you this didn’t fully make sense…) and is sniffing the cock-scented hat that the cowboy just had over his boner (a very nice touch, and the reveal of Malik’s boner is pretty damn hot…that’s a meaty cock!).

Roman Todd, Malik Delgaty Roman Todd, Malik Delgaty

And I can’t complain about the strangeness of the scene, because Roman looks hot as fuck in that black hat and chaps. The city slicker is soon rubbing their cocks together (yes please!) and slurping on Malik’s meat, then takes it doggy style against Malik’s truck. But it’s the “Ride ’em, cowboy!” fuck in the back of the pickup that gives us the hottest visual, with Roman sitting down on the top and hanging on to the side of the truck for dear life as he bounces up and down.

Roman Todd, Malik Delgaty Roman Todd, Malik Delgaty

Roman then comes as Malik fucks him from behind as the sun goes down, then takes a hot load on his chest—another great visual with these two hot studs in front of a stunning landscape. Do cowboy uniforms do anything for you?

See the full scene at!


14 thoughts on “Which Cowboy Do You Wanna Ride: Roman Todd or Malik Delgaty?”

  1. Also- I love cowboy gear and I have a spare set of chaps and an extra cowboy hat to share with guys I play with. I like Malik’s thinking

  2. I had high hopes when I saw the word “cowboy” in the message! And Roman Todd too, wearing a cowboy hat and chaps! Then I saw the f’ing sneakers. WTF Seriously? He didn’t get cowboy boots? That is so disappointing.

    1. Old cowboy joke: how do you tell the difference between a cowboy and trucker at the road house; the truckers have cowboy boots on.

      I’ll show myself out :)

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