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Which of These Hot Couples Would You Have Virtual Sex With?

We all have to get more creative during quarantine. Even if you’re single, you can still find a couple to watch have sex—just like proves as its cyber sex series continues with a pair of couples showing off for each other.

When last we left’s Remote Control series, we got drenched in cum from a hot 6-man circle jerk. The virtual sex series continues with a pair of couples getting in on as they watch each other. Which of these couples would you wanna have cyber sex with the most?

Remote Control 6: Mickey Taylor, Ronnie Stone, Harri Oakland & Clayton Fox

Mickey Taylor, Ronnie Stone

British couple Mickey Taylor and Ronnie Stone are spending their time reading, enjoying tasty candy, and going for walks in the woods. In the not-too-distant countryside, housemates-with-benefits Clayton Fox and Harri Oakland are working out in the fields, tending to their cocks (oops, sorry…coops!), and baking together. Although these couples might not be able to meet up in the flesh just yet, they set up a hot video call.

Mickey Taylor, Ronnie Stone

Experienced Mickey kicks things off by showing the guys Ronnie’s inked ass, then tells his man to get his cock hard so he can display his dick tat.! Clayton wants in on the action, sucking Harri’s cock, and soon Mickey and Harri are both teasing their bottoms’ holes and fucking them doggy style. Ronnie is the first to cum, and Harri and Clayton watch, jacking their cocks, as Mickey tastes it. Clayton shoots his load just before Mickey gives Ronnie a facial, then Clayton waits in position for Harri’s jizz to cover his face.

Mickey Taylor, Ronnie Stone

Remote Control 7: Jacob Jones, Joshua Storm, Jake & Isaac

Jacob Jones, Joshua Storm

While they’re in isolation, cute Joshua Storm has been finding ways to keep up his workout routine at home, as well as having lots of sex with his brace-faced horny boyfriend, Jacob Jones. Athletic Jake and Isaac, on the other hand, are trying to get outside as much as they can for walks and bike rides, as well as keeping their fitness in check.

Jacob Jones, Joshua Storm

The couples connect by video call and start turning each other on, with Jake and Isaac watching as Joshua sucks Jacob’s big cock and eats his hole. Both sets of guys 69 for the camera before Jacob cums on Joshua’s face and Joshua fucks his boyfriend’s feet and then his hole. As Jake and Isaac watch, Jake penetrates Isaac doggy style, and both tops can’t hold back from cumming!

Jacob Jones, Joshua Storm

See Remote Control 6 (trailer below) and Remote Control 7 at!


5 thoughts on “Which of These Hot Couples Would You Have Virtual Sex With?”

  1. The comments on these hotties that have someone to quarantine with. Then there are the saddos stuck at home all alone. Some of you bitches could get laid even if you paid. Oops I guess I’m being a dick, but it is about porn so there are plenty of dicks hanging out

  2. None! The tattoos are fine and the scruffiness is too. But they would need to be older, heavier, and hairier. And bald would be hot ( think Drew Sebastion hot).

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