Derek Kage, Mr Deep Voice

Who Sounds Sexier: Derek Kage or Mr. Deep Voice?

Over here at The Sword, we love ourselves a sexy bass. Heck, even an alto works just fine. But what happens when two of the sexiest gay porn stars challenge each other to a deep-voice duel?

In one corner, we find Derek Kage—who has been having himself a hell of a year, whether he’s flip-fucking with Evan Knoxx, taking a mouthful of big dick, or pounding hung bottom Hazel Hoffman.

Derek Kage, Evan Knoxx Derek Kage, Nico Zetta

Meanwhile, you may know UK hunk Mr. Deep Voice from his hot action (he just won the Content Creator of the Year honor at the Grabby Awards Europe), or from his appearances at Sean Cody as Thomas Johnson, where he’s topped and bottomed in his scenes with Clark and Eddie.

Thomas Johnson Thomas Johnson, Clark Reid

Thomas Johnson, Clark Reid

Turns out, the two encountered each other while lounging by the pool and decided to have a voice-off. Have a look…

So are you Team Kage or Team Deep? (Duh, I obviously want to hear them both talk dirty as they stuff me at both ends at the same time!). What other deep-voiced porn hunks get you hard?

11 thoughts on “Who Sounds Sexier: Derek Kage or Mr. Deep Voice?”

  1. Definitely Derek Kage. Not saying Mr. Deep isn’t a close second. I could come just from listening to these guys say sexy things to me!

  2. Love a British accent, but have a kneeejerk response to not wanting to give satisfaction to someone whose persona is centered around how sexy he thinks his voice is.

  3. Neither. Derek Kage is boring, very boring and he thinks he is a nerdy. Mr. Deep Voice: meh. But I prefer Deep Voice´s accent.

  4. Like Derek Kage better. Especially his scene w/ Grant Ducati in NDS “Boys Night In” in which he plays Grant’s step dad using the time to bond. What’s nice about it is they flip flop.

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