Who Was the Hottest Hunk at the 2024 Oscars?

I never thought I’d see cum gutters on stage at the Oscars, but here we are! (Note: I’m not complaining.) We also saw man-on-man kissing (with Ryan Gosling!), exposed chests, double breasts and some colorful vests! Which one of these studs looked the best at the 96th Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday? Here’s our Top 20…

20. (tie) Matthew McConaughey & Robert Downey Jr.
Loving Matthew’s formal purple hue, and Robert’s more casual “tie” and pants…

Matthew McConaughey, Robert Downey Jr.

19. Jimmy Kimmel
I am obsessed with his champagne tuxedo jacket!

Jimmy Kimmel

18. Cord Jefferson
My new crush is the winner for Best Adapted Screenplay (American Fiction)…so handsome! (That smile!)

Cord Jefferson Cord Jefferson

17. Jack Quaid
16. Sterling K. Brown
How cute is Jack?! And loving Sterling’s chic jacket…

Jack Quaid, Sterling K. Brown

15. Eugene Lee Yang
14. Riz Ahmed
Eugene and Riz both opted for bold colors and looks…

Eugene Lee Yang, Riz Ahmed

13. Wisdom Kaye
12. Dwayne Johnson
Whether shimmery silver pinstripes or velvet suits, these men !

Wisdom Kaye, Dwayne Johnson

11. Simu Liu
10. Omar Rudberg
Yay! We get to see some chest! (And in the case of Omar, a lot of chest!)

Simu Liu, Omar Rudberg

9. Bradley Cooper
8. Matt Bomer
Woof…how fine are these two?! (Love Bradley’s blue buttons!)

Bradley Cooper, Matt Bomer

7. Coleman Domingo
6. John Krasinski
Coleman rocks a double breast, while John opts for a dashing cream tuxedo…

Coleman Domingo, John Krasinski

5. Scott Evans (x2!)
There were two Scott Evans (Scott Evansessess?) in attendance: one the hot gay brother of Chris, the other the host of Access Hollywood (the former gets bonus points for planting a kiss of Ryan Gosling during the “I’m Just Ken” performance…)

Scott Evans


4. Taylor Zakhar Perez
3. Chris Hemsworth
Can I please get in between these two handsome fuckers?

Taylor Zakhar Perez, Chris Hemsworth

2. Ryan Gosling
Whether in pink or black, Ryan looked his usual stunning self…

Ryan Gosling

1. John Cena
And the best dressed is the very undressed wrestler, who showed how good a sport he is—and how amazingly in shape he still is at 46 (!)—in a bit with host Jimmy Kimmel that paid homage to the 50th anniversary of the infamous Oscar streaker (my lord, that body! I forgive the Birkenstocks!).

John Cena

John Cena

Which man do you think is the best dressed/undressed? Which of your favorites didn’t make our list?

14 thoughts on “Who Was the Hottest Hunk at the 2024 Oscars?”

  1. I knew that John Cena would be the top guy on this list. The best-dressed guy that night was the one who had none. Hahaha.

  2. I hate the no-tie look. It’s so easy for a man to look good in a classic tux (thank you, Matt and Jack). And this year’s Oscars has led to “cum gutters” entering common usage.

  3. So many hotties on the list. Ryan, John, Taylor, Chris. Matt, Bradley and Dwayne. They should be on my next party list.

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