Who Would You Rather?: Corbin Fisher’s Tobias or Sean Cody’s Coty

First up in this week’s tossup between newcomers, we have Tobias, a handsome new jerkoff artist at Corbin Fisher with a pretty nice body.

His dick is nothing amazing, but he makes up for it with big low-hanging balls and movie star good looks.

Also, he seems to have clippered all his body hair except his ass, and his armpits.





In the other corner we’ve got Coty at Sean Cody, who’s a bit more ruggedly handsome and naturally smooth, with a hairy butt and a girthier dick.

Imagine the explosion that will occur on the internet when Sean Cody’s Sean and Sean Cody’s Coty get together to fuck each other on Sean Cody?!









Now vote.

[Corbin Fisher: Tobias]
[Sean Cody: Coty]

5 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: Corbin Fisher’s Tobias or Sean Cody’s Coty”

  1. They are both look bored. They should go to straight porn company and f@ck some bitches there. And stop marketing them PLEASE

  2. Well, to each his own, but that Tobias guy you are raving about looks like he should be in the crowd supporting Kim David in backwards Kentucky.

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