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Who’d You Rather: The ‘Fire Fuckers’ Or These ‘Scorching’ Studs

I guess it’s been a good couple of weeks for anyone that’s into firefighter porn. has been dropping multiple videos that feature DTF firemen as part of its new Fire Fuckers series and Next Door Studios just released Scorching, a new scene that’s showing off some X-rated fireman action with Johnny Ford and Alex Tate.

While all the videos are fairly different, Scorching and the second scene to Fire Fuckers with Malik Delgaty and Troye Dean both feature some firemen getting undressed in a locker room and proceeding to fuck some ass. Since they’re somewhat similar, we’ve decided to bring back our classic Who’d You Rather series and ask you to pick which pair of horny locker room firemen you’d most like to hose you down.

So take a look below and think about which pair of cock sucking firefighters you’d rather hook up with. Are you into Johnny Ford or Alex Tate from Next Door? Or would you rather get double-teamed by stars Malik Delgaty and Troye Dean? Take a look at these two scenes below, vote in our perverted poll, and be sure to sound off down in the comments with all your hot thoughts!

‘Fire Fuckers’ ft. Malik Delgaty & Troye Dean

‘Scorching’ ft. Johnny Ford & Alex Tate

So… Who’d you rather? Do you want some Scorching anal action or would you rather drill down some of those Fire Fuckers? Vote in our poll and be sure to sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts!

[Watch ‘Fire Fuckers’ from] [Watch ‘Scorching’ from Next Door]


12 thoughts on “Who’d You Rather: The ‘Fire Fuckers’ Or These ‘Scorching’ Studs”

  1. is more a comedy central/parody porn site of stupidity. That is why I no longer watch them. Not to mention the artificial man made chicks and chicks w/ dicks freakazoids.

  2. None of the above! Old scene of firefighters and twinks. You got one ff who is aging fast due to too much sun. The other a gay for pay masculine tease.

      1. Why would I be bitter? They asked an asinine question and I gave an asinine answer. Go jump off the roof of your hole in the wall welfare home.

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