Diego Sans, Damien Crosse

Why Is Diego Sans Repeatedly Smashing Damien Crosse’s Head?!

A wine bottle? A cinder block?! We’ve heard of revenge porn, but this is getting out of hand. Why on earth is Diego Sans doing this to handsome Damien Crosse?

The NakedSword Originals thriller Get. Away. has been pretty intense so far. We’ve seen Michael Boston abandoned in the middle of the ocean. And we’ve seen Diego and Beau Butler shot at. Now, the climax gets extra intense with some blunt force trauma (aww, poor Damien!).

Diego Sans, Damien Crosse Diego Sans, Damien Crosse

Desperate for answers and to save his friends, Diego finds himself at a mysterious house when the lights go out—and Damien reveals the truth behind the twisted games as the mystery is exposed. Diego fights for his life as the two face off in a head-smashing battle, but it seems that Damien likes it rough.

Diego Sans, Damien Crosse Diego Sans, Damien Crosse

To get off the island safe, Diego must do Damien’s bidding, so he slides his pants down to get sucked (I mean, there are much worse things, right?!). Damien then bends over to get his ass munched on before Diego fucks him hard from behind.

Diego Sans, Damien Crosse Diego Sans, Damien Crosse

The top then fucks Damien missionary until he shoots his thick load into the bottom’s mouth. With his face covered in cum, Damien then explodes all over himself. But will he Get.Away. with it? (Get it?!)

See the full scene at NakedSword!


7 thoughts on “Why Is Diego Sans Repeatedly Smashing Damien Crosse’s Head?!”

  1. Antipornforloveplz

    Ew ew ew ew ew. Their cringey lives won’t last a day in the real world. Can we help them get food to satiate their anorexic bodies?

  2. Damien Crosse is best when he’s doing dirty, sleazy, kinky porn. He’s at his best when he’s doing watersports cause he’s thirsty and he loves it genuinely.

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