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Will Smith Strips Down & Says He’s In The ‘Worst Shape Of My Life’

We’re always posting thirst traps from celebrities that are showing off their muscles (say hello to Tom Holland, Zac Efron, and Colton Underwood!), but I think it’s time to show off a celeb who isn’t bragging about their muscle definition. So this post is for all the perverts out there who are into some serious dad bod!

Superstar Will Smith just took to social media to share a photo that shows him exposing a nip while wearing only a hoodie and what looks like either some really short shorts or some underwear.

I’m gonna be real wit yall,” Will wrote in the Instagram caption. “I’m in the worst shape of my life.”

We definitely still think that Will is sexy as hell (yes, I fully want this Fresh Prince to destroy my hole), this is definitely a different Will than we’ve seen before. Like I said though, we’re 100% still into it and we’re hoping he embraces having a little extra on his bones. Hell, if he gets a really thick dad bod/bear bod and starts looking like the delicious daddy models from Muscle Bear Porn, we’ll be even happier.

So what do you think about this star’s new body? Take a look at some snapshots and gifs of Will through the years below and let us know which version of Will Smith you would want to take to bed down in the comments! Do you like young Will? Older Will? Muscle Will? Dad bod Will? Sound off below!

Will SmithWill Smith Will Smith

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6 thoughts on “Will Smith Strips Down & Says He’s In The ‘Worst Shape Of My Life’”

  1. I Robot gets me hot to this day. His body was so hot. He is still handsome even without the muscles.

  2. Covid has hit many ppl in different ways. Some went to Slobbersville fat. Some made an effort to take the time and get fit at home. I bet in 3 months you will see Will toned down.

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