You Want to Cruise the Caribbean With Paul Wagner, Johnny Rapid, and Other Models? Now You Can just announced a contest today in which they’ll be giving away free airfare and tickets to a seven-day Caribbean cruise that will feature the likes of Johnny Rapid, Paul Wanger, and some other unnamed talent.

Entries are between June 1 and June 30, and you enter either by signing up for a membership, or by following on Twitter and answering a series of questions over the next couple weeks. This week’s question: What plot would you love to see in a scene? Answers can be sent now until June 7 to, and they say if they like your idea they just might use it.

The bigger question: How does a regular person just book a trip on this same cruise so they can ogle porn stars without chancing it with a contest? It can’t be just a bunch of porn stars and like 2 contest winners, so… the cruise looks to be this one, on Royal Caribbean, departing on October 25 from Galveston, Texas. And if you have $600 to spend on a vacation this fall, you could do it there, and perhaps get a few glimpses Johnny Rapid sunbathing with his wife.

Ports of call are Roatan, Honduras; Belize, and Cozumel, Mexico.

Also, if you’re a contest winner, is promising some kind of behind-the-scenes access to a series they’ll be shooting on the boat called Men at Sea. And you can only imagine the questions from the regular, elderly cruise-goers when they see the B-roll getting shot on deck.

Grandmother: “What’s this movie all about?”

Johnny: “It’s about a bisexual sailor who gets gang-banged by all his crew-mates over and over again in the galley until he can’t walk.”

Enter now! The grand prize winner will be announced July 10.




16 thoughts on “You Want to Cruise the Caribbean With Paul Wagner, Johnny Rapid, and Other Models? Now You Can”

  1. Seriously, no scruples, eh? The guy who beat his girlfriend because she refused to engage in sex with an underage person? Why not just go on a cruise with Josh Duggar? No skin off my nose to download porn illegally. If it’s the kind of industry that would shrug its shoulders towards Johnny Rapid then I see no reason for their squawking about illegal download. I like paul Wagner but that he has no qualms about breathing space with that piece of shit. I can’t look at him the same no more.

      1. Yeah, Josh Duggar is too fat. But Johnny Rapid is a gangly, scrawny little bitch with a pasty white trash face of vomit but people find him *ahem* hot. So go figure…

        1. It’s not hard to figure. We all have different tastes. “white trash” Isn’t that a racial slur?

  2. Just thinking being on the same cruise as Johnny Stupid makes me cringe. This guy is absolutely talentless, how come he is still in porn? Big ew. Get me great porn stars, then I’ll sign in.

  3. Sorry to post here but I can’t find a “contacts” section on the site… Have you seen the last Men/Women Watch Porn With Porn Stars from BuzzFeed? There’s Conner Habib. And he’s… I don’t know… buff?

        1. Yea neither of those is true. He’s in his early 30s and in his whole porn career he’s never had abs but he was always fit looking, and the majority of porn fans never had a problem with his appearance except shady queens such as yourself.

  4. You’re right it’s just a regular cruise ship, it’s not one of the 2 gay ones that GayCities has advertised for the same dates. Here’s the page for the cruise on GalvestonCruises

    I think it’s pretty disappointing that it’s not an all-gay cruise since you’ll be stuck with some families.

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