Ryan Jordan, Jayden Marcos

Zoinks! My Best Friend Wants To Experiment

If you’ve ever wanted to see Shaggy from Scooby-Doo pull out his girthy cock and dick down his best straight friend that’s looking to experiment with gay sex, then you should probably check out Jayden Marcos’ new scene from Next Door Studios.

In no way is this new vid a parody of Scooby-Doo, if anything it’s a parody of DL guys on Grindr, but with Jayden dressed in what is essentially a DIY Shaggy Halloween costume, we can’t help but think of the cartoon character as we watch this scene. Lucky for us though, the Shaggy drag doesn’t stay on for that long and we’re soon able to just focus on a naked Jayden as he flip-fucks with his best bro Ryan Jordan. Take a look below at some of the action:

So what do you think of this new scene? Would you fuck your straight best friend if you saw them on a gay dating app? Would you fuck someone that’s dressed like Shaggy? Is pointing out that Jayden is dressed like Shaddy the dumbest thing you’ve had to read today? Sound off with all your hot thoughts in the comments below and be sure to watch this full bareback fuck fest over at Next Door!

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