Did You Think Blu Kennedy Retired?

I wasn’t sure what had happened to Blu, so I left him off The Sword’s list of 2010 porn star retirements. But just yesterday I learned that he’s become an exclusive model for Hot House, and he has begun shooting new scenes. Considering Blu’s intensely loyal fanbase, this is either great news, or it’s the greatest news. Either way, the more Blu in 2011, the better.

When Hot House recently approached Blu to film, he told them he was in fact in semi-retirement (he didn’t tweet it, so how was anyone supposed to know!?), but that he’d consider coming back to work if he could be made a Hot House exclusive. “We obviously jumped at the chance to sign him,” a Hot House rep tells me, and his comeback scene in the upcoming Head Hunters 3 debuts January 10th in the Hot House Backroom.

The first shot below shows off Blu’s brand new, beefier, and ridiculously ripped new body—complete with that come-fuck-me smirk and thick cock, of course. Jaw = Dropped.


Welcome back, baby!

From previous Hot House films:


And, here’s my favorite Blu scene from a few years ago, an insane three-way flip-fuck with fellow Hot House exclusive Kyle King and Ethan Wolfe in Locker Room.

[Hot House: Locker Room]

0 thoughts on “Did You Think Blu Kennedy Retired?”

  1. I’m usually not a fan of gingers, but Blu totally converted me! His hot body, crooked grin, fat cock and total versatility are incredibly sexy. You’re right: Mo’ Blu – Mo’ Better.

  2. Easily the best news of the New Year so far! Short of the painful demise of David Forest or Michael Lucas, I couldn’t be happier!

    Honestly, I hope Blu is happy with this decision, he will be bringing great happiness to at least one lonely fan :-)

    Now, if he could arrange an encounter with Cole Ryan….

  3. I love hot gingers! My friends met him in P-town last year and they said he was rather shy and aloof. I would’ve been all over that shit! Finger lickin’ good!!

  4. Yes, I too thought he retired. It’s great news that he’s still around. I think he’s one of the most undervalued performers around. I’m glad to see that Hot House has snapped him up!

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