Exclusive: Here’s What Dawson Riley Looks Like Today

Those photos of comeback kid Dawson Riley in firefighter gear and wielding an axe are so two years ago. Thanks to an “acquaintance” of Dawson’s who emailed me, here’s what the proud papa looks like today.

His live show for C1R is set for next week, and here’s what fans can expect to see:

37 thoughts on “Exclusive: Here’s What Dawson Riley Looks Like Today”

  1. i gotta say i thought he was the hottest thing when i first saw him and seeing these today – i think he’s just as hot. his body is different sure but it’s the same guy and he’s got sexiness that goes deeper than the surface. same dawson. and those pits….. UNNNG so friggin hot. i wanna chew on them.

  2. I was never a fan of Dawson’s work at RB–he came across too queeny for my tastes, and his exit from porn made him just seem like a nuclear hot mess. That said, he is not really in bad shape compared to the audience who viewed his prior work, or some of the people currently working in front of the camera. You show me one man on earth who doesn’t need a bit of work in the physical upkeep department. If any of you flawless adonises want to slap up a photo and let us all bask and genuflect in the glow of your physical fabulousity, then please do so. Dawson himself aside, a body type like that would be considered fairly desirable in the real world….the truly stunning men are the ones to avoid because while the exterior of the building may be incredible, the interior is a festival of horrors, chemically (pretty boys like their drugs), virologically (odds are, pretty boys have a gift that keeps on giving), and psychologically (pretty boys tend to have shitty self-esteem–hence the obsession with working out, steroids, etc).

  3. Wait… so from what I’m seeing from these comments… if he had a killer body, you would welcome this douche back with open arms? That’s fucked up. We don’t need another Malachi Marx or Cody Cummings in this industry.

    1. It is a bit fucked up but that’s the reality of it, most viewers of porn don’t care about the personality of the guys in the movie they are watching as long as they are good looking.

    2. I would agree with you. I think many think it is karmic, that he would be trying to sell himself. as a new man who has worked to better himself. when he clearly hasn’t put the work in. On sites without these recent pictures, most people are pointing out the fact that he insulted gay porn fans and the industry itself, as he made his exit, and he has tried to make his return by being a sycophant and falsely using old photos to imply he is in the same physical shape.

      Personally, I couldn’t care less if he was in perfect shape. I wouldn’t support anything he did. I can’t imagine that he is making much from the appearance and the promotion is pathetic considering it amounts to about a $10 dollar prize but of course it will be lauded as a success the next day unless the numbers are so miniscule they can’t be fudged but let’s get real bloggers alone will give them a good number of viewers.

      As to his proclaiming that he is gay, well then that makes his behavior all the more douchey.

      No, Samuel, there are many of us that will not support another Cody or Malichi or Girth Brooks or Tyler Torro or any of the other gay4pay leeches that have diluted gay porn by putting out one after the other passionless, not recipricating, ED drug enhanced, by the numbers “gay” scene. I think more and more fans are speaking out about it and calling studios on it, but as usually most of them are unconcerned with what “a few haters say” and continue to actually try and recruit arrogant straight performers, giving them “time” to adjust to the gay sex. If they aren’t ready to have gay sex, that includes kissing and reciprocating oral, then don’t turn on the camera and waste out time. As for the douchebags, no ones sales are so good as to allow them to disrespect other performers or fans…get rid of them. I would rather support actual gay/bisexual performers and so would many others.

  4. Well, honestly? I think he looks great. What is wrong with this guy? Some of you posting comments on here well, have ridiculous standards first of all. Second, if a guy with a body like Dawson’s came up to you in a bar, you’d totally go home with him. And if you didn’t, then I doubt a lot of you would even be attractive to someone who looked like this in the first place.

  5. It’s so disturbing that all of you comment saying he let himself go and that he is disgusting.
    Well 1. yes he is not in the shape he was 2 years ago, however if he did have a tumor like he
    had mentioned then that is a perfectly good excuse. I had a pituitary issue a while back in my
    younger days and with that I was told no working out, no excessive exercise. Nothing. So it
    does make perfect sense. 2. Who’s to honestly say that these photos are recent, its not like
    they have a date on them. 3. I guess we will all have to tune into his live and raw to see what
    he really looks like because pictures can be deceiving, or old.

    1. I will repeat some of these points again.

      1. The brain tumor story is very suspect he was/is enlisted in the military after he quit porn. There is no way in hell he could have passed a military physical to get into the service if he had a serious neurological issue that required hospitalization in ICU as he claimed, yet there were photos of him in military uniform on a now removed facebook page.

      2. Zach has indicated that these photos are relatively recent. He left porn 15 months ago. Like it or not, porn stars are judged by their physical appearance. Fortunately there are plenty of websites that cater to every kind of bodytype people prefer. That being said, it is deceiving to use a photoshopped pic of him and imply he still looks like he did when he was doing porn when in face he doesn’t. Every porn studio will tell you they turn down potential models all the time because the reality doesn’t match the touched up or older photo they sent in. He’s not obese, but is a far cry of what he looked like when he was doing porn. It’s like a manhunt profile where someone puts up photos of what they looked like a decade ago.

  6. I am not a big fan of Dawson cuz he was never my type before.

    However, I gotta say – and no disrespect to steroids haha or super fit porn stars,
    they just ain’t my type – for once a picture of Dawson actually gets me hard.

    I would still love to shit all over him and Diesel in a hot DP scene tho, lmao.

  7. I guess LaRue will hire just about anyone. It wasn’t that long ago that a saga like this would have played out without so much of a public record. meanwhile, I’m bringing popcorn and enjoying the proceedings.

  8. So did he carry the baby to term cause he looks stretched out in the stomach.He may have been cute when he was young but age does not seem to be his friend

  9. My god! That is just awful. Other than the shape or lack there of his body has… he needs to trim his pits! Christ!

  10. The audience will forgive a lot if a guy has a killer body and puts on a good show, if this is what we can expect then I think Dawson’s comeback will be a quick one.

  11. Well if there was a question about his orientation then I think that photos should settle it…no gay man who once had a body like Dawson’s would allow it to degenerate that quickly also that tattoo screams gay4pay.

    I just think he looks more in place at ASG with his current body and vending machine tattoo. I think we now know why Randy Blue wouldn’t book him. I mean we know they forgive their homophobes…Malachi Marx…but the don’t forgive more than 15 percent body fat.

    The sad part is that if he is serious about getting in shape for a return then he is probally killing himself by not eating,working out, and taking steriods to get back in shape quick.

    One thing about it though…his return is generating more buzz than Brodie Sinclair’s. I know comparing them is like comparing a performer who generated all the excitement of melting ice to one who had a promising start only to destroy it by his own actions.

      1. No. of course tattoos don’t make you straight. I was joking about the faux generic tattoo that he has is what straight white trash generally gets. Usually, when a gay man gets a tattoo it has some relevance or is at least attractively designed…this looks like the ones you get for two quarters out of vending machines.

        Brodie filmed with Cocky Boys and is looking for more work. I suspect he will end up filming for Suite 703 and then retire again. He has never been a performer that can work with to many distractions, he needs to see his straight porn and then fuck quickly, so most of the Florida sites are going to be to complicated for him and Next Door has a full roster, although they might though him a week for old time sake, and most of the dvd studios will not work with him.

        1. Eh, It’s just a tribal tattoo. I don’t think it either makes him gay or straight.
          Lots of people who have tattoos have one they most likely had messed up at one point
          and had to go over it again. Maybe he just needs to go over it again. Anyways Im a
          big tribal tattoo lover. Anyhow…

  12. Dawson is still effin hot!!!! Diesel why does everything you write have to do with race. I think you’ve pulled the race card too long now. Yes you are black, we get it. Yes there are not too many black men in the industry, we know.Now STFU

  13. ughh…oh boy. If this is how one chooses to put themselves out there before they decide to reintroduce themselves to the industry they backlashed against, you need to make a stronger case for which why we and the viewers should welcome you back.

    I hope this is not a recent photo becuase if t is..i find it disturbing that one in their own mind could justify this as acceptable to the studio that hired them and the viewers that wil pay their money to watch. Somehow–I dont think any studio head would have a performer comeback after over a years absence without asking to see a recent photo first.

    I don’t know..i just finished a shoot and am talking outta my ass..but, somehow i think im making more sense then the photos before me.

  14. Oh, finally, if anyone is going to pay to watch his ‘live show’, someone MUST have him do a truffle shuffle!

  15. As I said in the earlier post… A shadow of his former self and SHAME on C1R for making a banner/ad that is so blatantly false… Great work Channel 1! Amazing artistry and use of Photoshop. Too bad it’s totally fictitious!

  16. OMFG!!


    When you plan a comeback, isn’t your body suppose to be better or close to(at least)ur former body type??? That photoshop pic on his live show at C1R is just a bold face lie. Wow!!

    He’s in his 20’s and looking like that for porn? No offense but I’m in my 40’s and if this kid can get work and all this press for looking like this……I GIVE UP! I HAD IT WITH PORN!!

    I know too many Men of Color models looking for a window into mainstream, and they are given to guys who dont deserve it!!! This is a shining example of how bad gay porn has gotten lately…

    Dont get me wrong!! He is not ugly at all!! He is cute in a way!! But he is not porn ready at all. But what do I know?? This seems to be the look nowadays in porn….

    1. gosh chirs…………..for some reason comments like this i didnt expect from you. others yeah i can get those comments from the type of person they are, but i though you were more down to earth and realized maybe there are guys out there that think dawsons body was hot.
      anyway now a disappointed

      1. My comment doesn’t mean I am not down to earth. I am just being real. Dawson deserves harsh criticism. After he left the industry bashing people with homophobic insults he should not be allowed back. Sorry that is just not something I take lightly..

        1. A little belated, but it makes sense for someone like Chris Porter (who is in the industry on both sides of the camera, and in direct competition with guys like Dawson Riley for the viewer’s dollar) to be less than polite towards guys who swan in and out of the business, flaunting their disdain for it when they’re out and then kissing up to the fans to excess when they make their grand comebacks.

        2. Wow, thank you for making the decision for all of us who should and shouldn’t be allowed in porn. The last time I looked, however, there were drug addicts, ex-cons, prostitutes, and a wide assortment of posers, liars, and porn “stars” who think their sh*t don’t stink. Yet somebody who might have said something once that you don’t like – Ban him!

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