Jayden Grey And Hot House Have Falling Out Over Fauxhawk

jaydenhattersJayden Grey, my most favorite person on Twitter, just walked off a Hot House set after being asked to cut his hair. Jayden Grey will not compromise his image to appear in gay porn! Then, he told the studio to “fuck off.”

Say what you will about porn star Jayden Grey and his legendary meltdowns, but you have to(?) admire someone so willing to “put himself out there,” on Twitter, regardless of how it makes him look. And this makes him look kind of ridiculous! Luckily, he doesn’t give a fuck, hatters.

Was keeping the fauxhawk worth it? I think so. Because once you show that you’re willing to sacrifice your haircut, what will they ask you to give up next? Your dignity? I support you, Jayden Grey.









What happens if the fan/follower asks him to cut his fauxhawk?

[Twitter: Jayden Grey; Hot House]

14 thoughts on “Jayden Grey And Hot House Have Falling Out Over Fauxhawk”

  1. Why would you waste your time giving credit to this ugly guy who’s sole purpose in life is to be bigger than Brent Corrigan? I mean, look at him… he is average looking at best. If I were to do porn, I would go with a guy that I couldn’t get at my local bar and also one that is not such a slut in his personal life as well! Please give us updates on the REAL porn stars! I mean I like guys of all types and I’m open minded in regards to what might be another “taste”, but jeeze… this guy isn’t really cute and obviously a pain in the ass to deal with… at least he has his big white teeth and a gaping hole that can accommodate a big cock on a positive note!


  2. I’m so torn about Jayden- I love his looks and his big dick, but his personality….he goes from super nice laid back guy to complete hysterical rage in about 60 seconds- at least that’s how he presents himself on Twitter. Did I read or see an interview once from him that he doesn’t really even like doing porn?

  3. um where in the movie biz ..porn or not…would a studio not ask the model to change their look, cut their hair etc. this is pretty normal for a model/actor to be asked to do. this kid is screwy its only hair IT GROWS BACK. he actually thinks hes something special ? academy awarding winning actors who are paid millions are ask to cut their hair for a part. what a whack job…..maybe he’ll get it when no other studio will want to work with him

  4. Porn studios (and directors) are forever trying to assert control, as if gay sex would not be appealing without them. That being said, I am a fan of HH’s work, and they do craft various niche appeals quite well (like the “Trunks” series for example). Since we’re on the topic- no haircut, however bad, is as distracting as stupid body piercings or lame tattoos. And Hot House has definitely employed some of those before!

  5. Porn star tickler

    In Jayden’s defence, if i turned up for work this afternoon and i got pulled to one side and told my hair needs cutting as it doesn’t fit the “image” or “Brand” i think i’d be decidedly pissed too!!


    I hope for Mr Gray’s sake that his fans continue to send him donations, as he’s chosen to make a very childish, very public response to his would-be employer and a very childish, very public message to any other studio’s looking to cast him. Hot House wins the Twitter round for their cock….sorry…tongue in cheek reply to the situation. Mr Gray’s expletive-laden replies feel very much like they’re going in the direction of “Yeah, well, you’re not the boss of me…and your mom’s a bitch!!”

  6. I second everything said above about Jayden who has been nothing but drama since he has been on the scene but I am curious about the other side of the story. What is it about a “fauxhawk” that does not “fit HotHouse’s image”? I’d love to hear the rationale coz I don’t quite get it. Was it a nice way to say it looked bad on him or is the fauxhawk too “gay” for the gay porn studio?

  7. What the hell is anyone doing with a fauxhawk in the year 2011? I need to know this information. If you are not on that UFC reality show or in a scene band, you are just being silly.

    Also, if your posts look like a remedial English paper, Twitter is not for you.

  8. If Hot House was really full of hatters, maybe this would not have been an issue. They could have just put on a hat on the dear boy and hid the hair. (Jayden, I’m glad someone is speaking truth to you about the haircut. It’s truly awful.)

  9. I’m not a Jayden Grey hatter, or even a Jayden Grey hater, but given that I doubt I could pick him out of a lineup of a dozen porn models, I have to wonder why anyone in the industry thinks it’s worthwhile hiring the guy?

  10. UGH Jayden, just please learn the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too’
    PLEASE, no matter how mad you are it makes you look hotter when you know these
    small essentials – just ask AUSTIN WILDE! LOL

    As for the hairdo it’s up to the studio and if that’s not the look they want then they have every right to say ‘CUT IT,’ then again the
    actor has every right to say ‘NO!’ Just remember that it’s just a disagreement on a haircut and it shouldn’t have escalated that

  11. I thought he was hotter before I saw what a hot-headed, egotistical narcissist he is on Twitter on a daily basis. He’s a crybaby.

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