Blake & Joey: Did Sean Cody Really Bottom Out This Time?

I thought that buzzing on my phone was an amber alert for the missing top for this scene.

No repeat pairings are one of the few rules that seem to have stuck through the journey Sean Cody has taken. With the constant shortage of tops, to follow their rules, Sean Cody has too often broken one of ours: a satisfying scene needs one bonafide fucker to get the job done.

Blake is a power bottom. Joey is a power bottom. What are they doing to do together? A cooking show? Actually yes. Someone made the egg that’s on my face – what they did together was each other. And amazingly well at that.

This is the first time we have seen Joey this year. I always figured Joey was a formerly dorky kid who grew into a strapping man without losing any of his sweetness. He’s was an inspired power bottom from his first dicking with Matt. He even got Sean’s noodle dick hard enough to fuck in Sean’s first hardcore scene.

Blake’s body continues to get even better and he gets more handsome and charming every time. His scene with Daniel was full of that old Sean Cody magic. He even made Brandon watchable. But what was going to go down, and stay down, today?

sean cody joey
Right from the start, there’s a “bromantical” camaraderie between them. Both Blake and Joey seemed genuinely eager to prove their chops as a top to themselves, each other, and all of us.

The sucking and the 69 at the beginning keeps their cocks hard throughout the scene so props to them both for that alone. First, Joey channels in inner power top and jackhammers Blake’s ass. Then with Blake on his back, Joey pounds a load out of him then cums all over Blake’s hole. No creampie this time … Joey couldn’t wait and licked up his batter right then and there.

A cock has to be rock hard for someone to sit on it. Especially a big guy like Joey. Look at both these throbbers working in unison. Not bad for two “bottoms” eh? Joey shoots his second load all over Blake and then Blake serves up Joey a creampie. Between the batter and the creampie, this did turn out to be a cooking show after all. Just the XXX gay hot version..

[Watch “Joey & Blake: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

6 thoughts on “Blake & Joey: Did Sean Cody Really Bottom Out This Time?”

  1. Joey is my dream Sean Cody guy with his big goofy personality and HUGER body and that ASS. Want him bottoming all the time

  2. Am I the only one who found how quickly Joey ‘grew into a strapping man’ somewhat suspicious?

    He never was a dork. He looked just fine when he first stated back in January 2014

  3. I wish Sean Cody would just go away, he’s certainly no friend to the gay community. Karma will win in the end. Can’t wait.

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