Cutler X, Lucio Davoli, Ridick

2-For-1 DP Special: Ever Get Double Dicked Up Both Holes?

I love being on my knees with two dudes standing in front of me, lining up their cocks lengthwise by the shafts, and stuffing both dicks in my mouth at the same time. I drip spit down them and go as far down as I can, twirling my tongue between them as my lips get stretched. But DPs at the other end? Not so much. Never tried it, never will.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching it, marveling at how bottoms manage to navigate two big ones up their ass and not pass out—especially when they’re active bottoms, sitting on those schlongs and bouncing up and down. Case in point: cute Czech bottom Ridick, who we’ve seen take two very hung tops before (over at Timtales, including a unique piledriver position!).

Cutler X, Lucio Davoli, Ridick Cutler X, Lucio Davoli, Ridick

One of those tops was Lucio Davoli, a slim Brazilian with a 9-inch dick—who now helps DP Ridick again, this time with fellow hung top Cutler X (who has warmed up Ridick’s hole before with both his 11-inch dick and his arm…ouch!). This is Lucio’s first scene at The Den, yet another Timtales model to cross over (like Ridick himself). That seems fitting given that the two studios seem to be a DP battle with each other, with all of us the winners!

Cutler X, Lucio Davoli, Ridick Cutler X, Lucio Davoli, Ridick

Ridick feasts on both big dicks and then gets spit roasted (one sequence has Lucio pounding Ridick and also leaning in to suck Cutler at the same time, a hot display of a top sucking that we don’t see much of at The Den, or Timtales for that matter). The bottom then gets DP-ed in a number of positions, showing off his skills when he sits down on both at the same time.

Cutler X, Lucio Davoli, Ridick

Do you like two dicks up your mouth? How about your ass?

See the full scene at CutlersDen!


1 thought on “2-For-1 DP Special: Ever Get Double Dicked Up Both Holes?”

  1. Jonathan Hinson

    That’s the fun of being the guest in a 3 way with a couple. I get to suck on 2 dicks. Since I don’t do anal even with one person, I don’t have experience to speak about. Back to the 3 way, after the 2 dicks in one mouth , I get to suck person A while person B sucks me, and then I suck person B as a second course.

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