2X The Tommy

How do you take your Tommy Defendi? On all fours? Standing? Sitting? On his back? Clothed? Naked? All of the above? I’m thinking all of the above.

It’s a good week for Tommy fans, with the release of both Raging Stallion’s subtly titled Stud Fuckers and episode four of NakedSword’s Golden Gate, where Tommy fucks Angelo Marconi and Chris Porter, respectively (not to mention very, very hard). I’ll have more on Tommy and Chris (who is also in Stud Fuckers) later, but here are Tommy’s solo shots from both productions.

P.S. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Tommy a handful of times, and every time I do, I literally die. He’s even cuter in person. And he’s like the nicest person ever. It’s ridiculous.

[Stud Fuckers]

[Golden Gate]

11 thoughts on “2X The Tommy”

  1. Tommy is like that guy friend that you kind of always knew was sort of attractive, then you go out and every guy/girl/gender neutral wants to hook up with him. It’s more than looks. It’s charisma. It’s what alot of performers, seriously lack, who cares if you can cut glass with your abs if you have the personality of a rotting carp or the self entitled narcissim, without the talent to back it, of a professional athlete.

  2. Love Tommy,

    I don’t give much props to other porn stars out there!! Finally I can give a deserving porn star his props!! I have hung out with Tommy countless times, I’m proud to call him a friend. He has always been down to earth and real with Me.

    Love this guy to death!! Anytime I run into Tommy he has always been sweet, alittle crazy(in good way)and people can not seem to take their eyes off him. He is just one of those kind of guys that u want to be around. I have alot of respect for Tommy, he has come a long way in this business. I just can’t say enough about Tommy, NOW people will realize why I did so many Youtube vids featuring Tommy.


    Hope to see you at Grabbys

  3. This is more like it! Tommy Defendi seems so nice. And normal. And pretty when he’s naked. He can just keep doing that booty-pop in the last picture all the time.

    I want to take a nap in his chest hair. Y’all don’t even know.

  4. I think I just died! Thank goodness for my defibrillator I keep next to my bed! If I see him at the Grabby’s I may pass out!

  5. Gorgeous, handsome, sexy and nice to boot, I think Tommy can join Kennedy Carter as being the most perfect porn people ever. Us mere mortals will weep in the presense of their magnificence.

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