Alam Wernik, Arad Winwin

Alam Wernik Teams Up With Arad Winwin For His Debut

Alam Wernik is finally making his big debut! Everyone’s favorite social media star is teaming up with everyone’s favorite muscle hunk and Men favorite Arad Winwin for a yoga-themed bareback fuck session.

Alam’s first-ever Men scene sees the twunk stretching himself out with perverted yoga instructor Arad. After a while, Arad offers to give the blond cutie a massage. While rubbing his hands all over Alam, the horny yoga master decides to rip the boys pants and expose his eager boy hole. We’re pretty sure you can guess what happens next…

Fans of these men will know that this isn’t the first time these real-life friends have hooked up in front of the camera. Back in 2018, the two hooked up for Alam’s very first studio movie. The project, the NakedSword Originals film The Chosen Few, featured Alam and Arad engaging in some hardcore anal action while on a yacht.

“I was scared at first, but this has been an amazing experience,” Alam told back in 2018 about his big studio debut. “Everyone made me feel so comfortable, it allows for me to be complete and to fully develop and express my sexuality.”

More recently, the two models teamed up for a NakedSword Live event. The hot cam show involved the boys showing off their sexy robes, their naked bodies, and Alam’s iconic booty. You can read our original write-up of that show here.

Check out the trailer for Alam and Arad’s new yoga fuck scene below and be sure to watch the full video over on when it drops on Monday, January 11.


9 thoughts on “Alam Wernik Teams Up With Arad Winwin For His Debut”

  1. are you shitting me ??? A ” mongoloid ” who even uses that word ??!!! What is with you queens, it says DONT BE A DICK … right at the top of the comments section!

    I’d like to challenge The Sword to ask that all comments are made in the real names of the commenters. It seems that being some jumble of letters makes idiots feel emboldened.

    I think I’m going to cancel my subscription to The Sword. With all that going on in the world and our country at the moment, its time that we all try to be a little kinder, and that includes ” I’m not being a troll “

  2. they make a perfect match/team, but is for me the worst studio afa sex is concerned, hot guys but boring directing and filming

  3. Ok, I’m not being a troll but I’m legitimately asking this question, is Alam somewhat of a mongoloid? His face is what you tend to see on some individuals with mongoloid characteristics. I’m sure he can function in society but maybe there’s something lacking in his brain.

    Just a thought, once again I’m not being a troll I’m really curious.

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