Alexander Müller Gives Tristan Hunter A Desert Dicking

You ever overhear someone else having sex and just get so insatiably horny to the point where you have to just nut right then and there? Well, that’s what’s happening with Alexander Müller and Tristan Hunter in the latest scene for the Falcon Studios film Cheat Day.

For the scene, Alexander and Tristan are wandering hikers who begin to hear the bareback threeway between Chris White, Kane Fox and Brock Brodie that we told you about a couple of weeks ago. Upon discovering this random threesome in the middle of the California desert, Alexander and Tristan decide that they’re in the mood for some public fun themselves and it isn’t long before Alexander’s thick cock is getting buried between Tristan’s smooth cheeks. Take a look below and see for yourself:

Let us know what you think of this new public hookup down in the comments and if you want to see even more from this Cheat Day fuck, click over to!

[Watch CHEAT DAY ft. Alexander Müller and Tristan Hunter]


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