And Now, the World Premiere Of ‘Fame Game,’ Featuring Adam Ramzi and Leon Fox Having One Hot Fuck

Here it is, folks. The super hot first episode of Fame Game, from NakedSword Originals.

You saw the teasers, and yesterday’s premiere of Mickey Taylor’s music video for “Pain.”

Now we have the world premiere of Episode 1, featuring Adam Ramzi as a salacious club owner, and Leon Fox as a go-go boy he “interviews” … by fucking him of course.

As mr. Pam tells us, this was a big production and a community effort all around. “All the scenes were shot in the hottest clubs in San Francisco — Oasis, Powerhouse, The Stud, and Beaux. It was really a major deal with a ton of support, and all the bar managers and patrons are proud of this film and how it showcases hints of the amazing nightlife renaissance in San Francisco right now.”

Adam and Leon are actually close in real life, and Adam says that just made the scene that much hotter. (And you may remember Leon appeared in NakedSword’s Boyfriends 2, with then boyfriend Logan Stevens.)

“I’m very excited for this scene and for this movie, and I cannot wait to hear everyone’s reaction,” says Adam. When asked about his and Leon’s past, he says, “Leon and I are not ‘lovers’ per se, but we have a very close connection, have been friends for years, traveled and camped together, and generally speak the same language. So doing a scene together was not only extremely sexy, but it was also fun and easy and I think it made us even closer friends.”


As for what Adam thinks was the hottest moment of the shoot: “I’m not sure I could name a single hottest moment, because there were so many. For the early part of the scene, my character watches Leon dance as part of an ‘audition,’ and the way Leon moves his body and works his ass was enough to make me rock hard,” Adam tells us. “Leon has a very intense connection to his own sexuality, so when we were filming there were a few times that I tapped into that myself, and it brought out a dominant side in me that was so fucking hot. And seeing his reaction to that… it was like a consistent positive feedback loop, and I think the scene is going to make him a star.”


Also, Adam has high praise for director mr. Pam. “She is not only a blast to be around but a phenomenally talented director. She not only can light the shit out of a scene and make it look all cinematic and beautiful, she also allows for organic moments of chemistry. It shows in every one of her scenes I’ve watched.”


And now, here it is, the teaser clip anyway. Watch it all at NakedSword.

[NakedSword: Fame Game, Ep. 1]

Look for the next episodes to arrive each Wednesday this month. Fame Game also stars Mickey Taylor, Boomer Banks, Bray Love, Killian James, Kyle Kash, and Topher DiMaggio.


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  1. The Sword SLAMMED Diego Sans for his top knot… but they aren’t going to say anything about that horrible douche-stache the bottom has here!?

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