Viktor Rom, Manuel Skye, James Castle

And The Most Uncomfortable Looking Scene Of The Year Goes To…

God bless these porn stars. They’re out here giving us excellent scenes even though they’re filming on some really painful looking sets. We truly don’t deserve them.

The newest from Lucas Entertainment features Viktor Rom, Manuel Skye, and James Castle in an outdoor, bareback threesome. While all three men are smoking hot and giving great performances throughout the scene, it’s hard to not stop and wonder how much it must hurt to fuck on top of a bush.

The scene starts out with Manuel busting it open while he’s laying on some stone steps. James, partially kneeling in a bush, invades Manuel’s hole while Viktor, squatting over the bush, eats out the top’s ass. Why are they fucking on top of a bush? I don’t know. It looks uncomfortable as all hell, but I guess it’s hot.

Next stop on this threeway fuck fest – a stone wall. James treats the side of this building like a gym rock wall and partially climbs it as Manuel tongues his hole. Viktor has to lay on the hard ground while in this position and while that must suck, at least he gets to munch on Manuel’s glorious booty as he does it.

Viktor Rom, Manuel Skye, James Castle

I guess Lucas Entertainment didn’t want the boys to be terribly uncomfortable for the entire scene, so they brought in a random couch for the boys to fuck around on. Once on the loveseat, James takes turns bouncing on both of his partners’ cocks. We then get some great shots of James riding Manuel’s meat while Viktor sucks on his schlong.

What do you think about this scene? Have you ever fucked in a bush? On a wall? Would you have suffered through these conditions in order to have sex with these men? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to catch this entire scene over at Lucas!


4 thoughts on “And The Most Uncomfortable Looking Scene Of The Year Goes To…”

  1. Universal Potentate

    LOL! I’ve always thought this. It started with that standing pose where the top is trying to push his elbow out of the way so the cameraman can get a side shot of his dick going in.
    It dawned on me that they needed guys with huge dicks to achieve these impossible angles with mostly seemed like lazy camera work. Isn’t the camera supposed to catch the sex, not the actor catch the right camera angle?
    Instead of telling cameramen to stop being lazy, we decided to create increasingly impossible angles and in increasingly uncomfortable environments.
    The forest at night? On asphalt in the heat of the day? And now on a bush, on stairs, at night, with bright ass heat lamps?
    What kind of magic Viagra/pain pills do you have to be on to make that scene work?

    1. I catch that every once in a while where the more experienced actor helps his partner get the best shot. It’s got to be tough when you’re in the heat of the moment and need to remember how to position yourself for the best view.

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