Jesse Zeppelin, Jake Morgan

How Often Do You Look At Other Dicks At The Urinal?

When you’re at the urinal, do you keep to yourself or do you occasionally take a quick peek at the men next to you? Are you minding your own business or are you looking for a hookup? Are you staring at your own schlong or you getting a look at your neighbor’s dong?

The newest scene from Trailer Trash Boys has Jesse Zeppelin and Jake Morgan posted up at the urinals and taking a glance at each other’s members. Because it’s porn, one thing eventually leads to the other and we get to watch Jake suck the cum out of Jesse’s thick cock right in the middle of this public space.

But enough about the porn fantasy – let’s pull this back into the real world and talk about your perverted urinal habits. Do you ever glance at anyone while they’re taking a piss? Have you ever hooked up with anyone you met at the urinal? Sound off in our piss polls below and after you’re done with that, be sure to catch this entire urinal scene over on Trailer Trash Boys!

Jesse Zeppelin, Jake Morgan

Jesse Zeppelin, Jake Morgan

Jesse Zeppelin, Jake Morgan

Want more urinal action? Check out this full scene over at Trailer Trash Boys!


8 thoughts on “How Often Do You Look At Other Dicks At The Urinal?”

  1. I only have once tried to get a glimpe on my cousins weiner, because he is said to have a giant schlong. And it is true.
    On one occation, a stranger was so offensive, not only glimpsing, but directly bowing over and staring at my cock. I found that offensive

  2. In this day and age of short tempers, you never know. Especially w/ entrapping cops. A man was arrested for murder, he accused the man he is accused of killing for looking at his dick.

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