Ace Quinn

Ace Quinn’s Friends Don’t Want To Watch Him Fuck

Personally, I would love to see hunk Ace Quinn fuck around with another man in person, but apparently his friends don’t feel the same way. His buddies would rather run out of the room than watch him get rawed by a random man. Boring!

Now, I’m not sure if Ace’s real-life friends feel this way, but his pals in the newest Masqulin scene sure do. Once they see that their yoga session has turned into a hot fuck session between Ace and stud trainer Markus Kage, they sprint out of the room.

I don’t know what their problem is. If my boring yoga lesson turned into some hot public sex, I would be ecstatic. What about you? What would you do if you turned to your left during a workout and saw someone getting their cock sucked? Would you run out of the room in disgust or would you join them for some sweaty gym action? Check out some hot snapshots of Ace’s new scene below and let us know what you would do in this situation down in the comments!

Markus Kage, Ace Quinn Markus Kage, Ace Quinn Markus Kage, Ace Quinn Markus Kage, Ace Quinn

Want more of these two fucking on a yoga mat? Check out this entire scene over at Masqulin! Don’t have an account? Sign up right now to take advantage of their massive Labor Day sale!


4 thoughts on “Ace Quinn’s Friends Don’t Want To Watch Him Fuck”

  1. Tatted tough guy Markus Kage owned Ace’s beautiful booty and it was smokin hot to watch. That smile on Ace’s face says he loved it.

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