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#CelebrityCock: Rugby’s Andres Enrique’s Fire Crotch

Under the uniform, he looks like Colby Jansen’s long lost Argentian, ginger, and better-hung brother.

This we know. Andrés Enrique is a rising rugby star and currently plays for the Delta Rugby Club in the Tigre province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We also know that this very ambitious athlete didn’t feel his star was rising quite fast enough.

Then his nudes hit.
andres enrique rugby naked picsNormally vocal, he’s been pretty quiet about this.

7This is what we don’t know: was he catfished like so many who have wound up with the #CelebrityCock tag?

8Or, word on the street is that he planted the pictures himself to get everyone talking about him.

andres enrique rugby naked picsWhich means he’s either a gullible guy in this day and age …


andres enrique rugby naked pics… or he’s demonstrating some real social media genius.

andres enrique rugby naked picsIt definifetly has worked.

andres enrique rugby naked picsThe other word on the street is he’s being eyed by some of the biggest teams in rugby.



andres enrique rugby naked picsAnd if that doesn’t work out …

andres enrique rugby naked picsI can think of some other career opportunites that will keep eyes glued to him.

Have a great weekend!


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