Another “Cocktails In The Forest,” Now With Complimentary Drinks?

SO MUCH to discuss about last night’s “Cocktails In the Forest” event at Micky’s in West Hollywood! A source tells me that everyone showed up on time (take that, Diesel) and that the talent is now enjoying free adult beverages, courtesy of Micky’s. I’d like to think that I played a small role in that reversal of alcoholic fortune following my remarks that if you’re a “star” booked for a bar event, you should get free drinks. So, you’re welcome, drunks. Also, no one got fired! Or, no one’s written a blog post about firing anyone yet. It’s still early.

Last night’s line-up included Samuel Colt, Steven Daigle, and Chi Chi LaRue who, according to one of agent David Forest’s 17 e-mails, “came casual in her ‘Larry’ drag and looked marvelous; slim, svelte and sexy.”

Next week’s show (hosted by Scotty B.) features Robert Van Damme and will be co-hosted by Madam Forest himself. Come for the tales of battered wives, stay for the…naked Twister? Is that what they’re doing now? Cool.

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