Anti-Circumcision Nut Also Anti-Semitic

Matthew Hess is the San Diego man pushing to get a circumcision ban on the ballot for an upcoming election in Santa Monica (San Franciscans will vote on their own ban later this year), and he is also the artist(?!) behind, the delightful comic book that depicts mouth-breathing, snarly-toothed Jews slicing and dicing the penises of poor little Aryan babies.

The Los Angeles Times doesn’t call Hess an anti-Semite, which he is, but instead prints statements defending and denouncing the comic from Hess and the Anti-Defamation League, respectively, in order to frame this as some sort of debate over whether or not it is anti-Semitic, which it is. And last week, the San Francisco Chronicle wondered (yes, the columnist actually used the word “wondering”) if this was the work of an anti-Semite, which it is.

What part of the devilish, blade-wielding rabbi and the heroic, blond superhero coming to save the day is so difficult to understand?

This comic could have depicted evil doctors–not rabbis–performing a circumcision. Why didn’t it? The overwhelming majority of circumcisions in the United States are performed by doctors on operating tables, not evil rabbis on pool tables. The choice to use rabbis was deliberate. This is anti-Semitic, the end.

And as far as banning circumcision and all the men (where are the women, by the way?) behind these ballot measures, I’m skeptical. I’m skeptical of a bunch of men who are so concerned with little boys’ penises, to be honest.

[LA Times, SF Chronicle, ForeskinMan]

40 thoughts on “Anti-Circumcision Nut Also Anti-Semitic”

  1. Poizi,
    After going back and reading your post about your severe lack of sensitivity , I recommend you see a urologist and or neurologist . A lack of sensitivity could be a sign of diabetes or some other serious medical condition. The CDC report I mentioned,said that most of the men that were circumcised as adults enjoyed sex more after the procedure. I can see why you are upset. Get a second or third opinion if necessary. Circumcision may seem like an obvious cause for your condition but I strongly suspect you have a serious underlying medical condition. Please seek medical attention soon! Your primary care physician should be made aware of your problem and refer you to a good urologist. I have known a very large number of circumcised men and none have had your problem. Please see a doctor.

  2. The appendix has been found to be a reservoir for beneficial bacteria . It helps keep your gut healthy. Circumcision has saved countless lives. Topical/local anesthetics can reduce the pain dramatically. The bottom line … CIRCUMCISION SAVES LIVES!
    Sorry if that makes me sound a little less sensitive . LOL

    1. What a load of crap – do you have a link with scientific facts asserting that??? Circumcision saves lives…seriously lol , the only way this could have some sort of meaning is if you talk about HIV transmission . HIV transmissioin rates are higher in America than in Europe where the practice is rare. Stupidity causes death – FACT

      1. Poizi, Yes I do . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
        And yes if you read my post above of 6/8/11 @ 6:40PM I was referring to HIV/AIDS. The studies were done in Africa. And in Germany circumcision is gaining popularity about 50/50. Hardly rare. Both of my uncircumcised Swedish friends died from AIDS.
        Where’s your link to scientific facts about transmission rates ? rates by % please .
        Europe may have a lower figure .There are many variables to consider . Which population was first exposed to HIV ? Condom use US v. Eu.?
        The first 8 years of the AIDS epidemic Ronald Reagan was President of the US . He said and did nothing from 1981 to 1987 .In 1983 Newsweek had on it’s cover AIDS PANDEMIC in big red letters and yet he never publicly said the word AIDS. When in 1987 a speech writer came to him and asked him what he had discussed with the Surgeon General regarding the AIDS pandemic , Ronald Reagan said “Nothing”.
        His inaction caused the deaths of countless americans and people worldwide . TV commercials were promoting condom use for Heterosexuals to prevent herpes transmission but nothing was said about condoms preventing AIDS in the US. as it was considered a “Gay Disease”. Europe didn’t have Ronald Reagan as their leader.
        I would like to hear your response . If you’re still alive .LOL!

    1. Well if it hurts your feelings to have a baseless “straw man” argument like the one you posted challenged, then I suggest you had better get used to it. In the real world, people WILL call you on your shit. Just sayin’…

  3. We could also perform appendectomies on them without anesthesia because, you know, they won’t remember it and nothing good ever came from an appendix.

        1. Aww thanks SB! Just so you know, I didn’t actually INVENT that saying myself (but then YOU didn’t actually invent “straw man” arguments all by yourself either, so I guess we can both be forgiven.)

  4. I am an agnostic and am not fond of tradition, religious or otherwise. However, some traditions are valid . Koshering a chicken ( coating it inside and out with salt ) kills bacteria and is very useful when refrigeration is not available .
    There are good arguments on both sides of the circumcision issue, but now there are 3 methods of tissue regeneration, that I’ve read about ,in development . 1) cellular matrix powder, 2) a saline process, 3) temporarily silencing a gene ( I think it’s P21) and probably some kind of stem cell method is also in the works . So those children getting circumcised today will be able to grow it back and cut it off as many times as they choose .
    A study in Africa of 2 neighboring villages ; one with a high incidence of AIDS and the other a low infection rate . The only difference between the 2 was ,in the village with a low infection rate of HIV, the men were circumcised. The uncircumcised men retained their langerhan cells on the inside flap of the foreskin which gives HIV access to the individuals immune system. Recent studies show uncircumcised men are 2/3 more likely to contract HIV and 1/3 more likely to contract 2 other sexually transmitted viruses ( if you’re a bottom you’re screwed either way).
    I’ve heard horror stories of botched circumcision. As a gay man I’ve seen and heard of nightmare experiences with uncircumcised individuals .Men who could not retract their foreskin ever , one became fused to his glans , another was in such pain from erections he could not have sex until he was 18 and had saved up enough money to get circumcised (puberty hell). Also ,where as, European men are taught penis hygiene , American men often are not . I prefer feta on my salads not on a man I want to orally satisfy.
    Some people find the circumcision scar a turn off ( some are more noticeable than others). I find some uncircumcised penises fine ( if the foreskin is lose ) but others look to much like an animal penis ( not my thing ) or resemble a piece of raw liver getting pushed out the end of a garden hose.
    And then there are the PPP or pearly penile papules . Sorry, I find them disgusting and the villiform ones more effective then 6 bottles of ipecac .
    As to whether the cartoon is anti-semetic ? In the context above I would say yes. The Mohel sure looks evil , and Thor looks hot !
    I knew some one who had it done as an adult and I’m glad I had it done when I was a wee one .

    1. Circumcision isn’t anti-semitic Nikko, the COMIC BOOK featuring the evil Jews is anti-semitic! Get it now?

  5. Bottom line, dear anti-semites, is that a ban is clearly a violation of the First Amendment. You may want to impose your world view on others, but we thankfully have a Constitution to protect people like me (a Jew) from the likes of racists like you.

    1. What about those who wish they had been protected from the jews? You need to understand that children are entitled to a certain freedom and might not want to have a religious stigma/mutilatioin on their sexual organs.

      1. “wish they had been protected from the Jews” ?

        You are the blueprint for what people refer to as the “self loathing” Jew. That is MUCH more what this is about. I’m a WASP who comes from a long line of Germans (although to be fair they came here in the early 1700’s so they missed all that “unpleasantness” the papers were so full of a few years back) and I was routinely circumcised (as were most babies in the 1970’s) so this notion of “religious stigma” is only pertinent to YOU and the fact that you seem to HATE your family’s heritage.

        “wish they had been protected from the Jews”
        Wow, I still can’t get over you typing that. Your poor parents! Have you ever seen the movie “Jud Suss” (1940)? I think you would really like it!

          1. Really? You want someone else to try pretending they have a foreskin so that they will agree with you that having one is magical? There isn’t a guffaw loud enough.

          2. There is no “pretending” you just cover your dickhead with skin and let in turn back into a mucuous membrane after a few days , the way it should naturally be.

  6. Circumcision should be the person’s choice , not the one of his parents who chose to remove healthy parts of his body because it suits them . See: my parents are jewish , I am an atheist and I am very pissed off that they mutilated me this way . If I want to cut parts of my dick off , it is MY choice , not anyone else’s . So stop this PC crap, circumcision should be banned for children unless there is a very serious case of phimosis justifying it- END OF . Called me antisemtic , nutcase or whatever you want , I don’t care it violates a primary human right which is the right to physicial integrity- it should not be denied to children because their crazy parents think there is an invisible man in the sky who created the word 6000 years ago.

    1. “A right to physical integrity”? How exactly do you think your life would have been different and/or better if you’d been allowed to keep your magical foreskin?

      1. Actually aslogan, this sounds less about his foreskin and much more about mommy and daddy issues, to be honest.

      2. With a little trickery device you can cover your dickhead with skin and keep it this way for a few days , it s not very comfortable but it gave me a first idea of what being uncut would feel like . See , I do have a problem with it because I have very few sensations , I don’t even enjoy blowjobs , keeping it covered for a few days turns it back into a mucuous membranes as it should be and I was actually able to physically enjoy sex, believe it or not (rather not in your case I’m sure ) this was a discovery for me. I’m not surprised by your answer though, the fact is that it’s an unnecessary genital mutilation done without the person’s consent and what I m speaking about above is a scientific fact : exposing a mucuous membrane to air and rubbing all day long turns it into normal skin , like a finger , it becomes A LOT less sensitive, not to mention that the foreskin is also very innervated on its own . So yes losing your foreskin makes you lose a lot . You can’t really talk about this if you haven’t tried or researched the other situation.

        1. I have yet to hear any such argument from any circumcised person who doesn’t have an unhealthy fantasy/obsession with foreskins. Ditto for uncircumcised men as well. The real reason you have sensation issues, etc. with your dick is because you care far too much about whether or not you have a foreskin.

          1. The unhealthy part is the obsession of people who want to cut healthy sexual organs on beings unable to defend themselves because some 99yo lunatic is supposed to have said so a few thousand years ago.Like i said , you either educate yourself on the matter , try it both ways or do not answer my posts.

        2. Well Poizi, considering that 99.9% of circumcised males really love getting their dicks sucked, I have to ask you why exactly you think that your sexual problems would be solved with a magic foreskin? It seems that you have chosen to blame all of your problems on your parents and their “mutilation” of you and I will repeat what I said earlier. Your situation seems to be much more about your issues with your parents “controlling” you than any real concerns about “protecting” children. The fact that you actually go around with a fake foreskin is kind of mind blowing. If you didn’t have your missing foreskin to bitch about, I suspect you would find something ELSE to blame for all that ails you. In other words, even with a foreskin I don’t imagine you’d be any barrel of laughs.

  7. It doesn’t matter who supports it or who opposes it, child sexual abuse is wrong. Because infants cannot defend themselves, the state should protect infants from sexual mutilation.

    Adults can chose for themselves if they want circumcision, tats, or piercings, for whatever reason they want or no reason in particular.

    1. I am circumcised. It was NOT an act of sexual abuse. That, dear Lars, is a rather big leap to make, and guys who would make such a leap are most likely idiots. Are you an idiot?

      My penis was not mutilated. I do not suffer from a lack of sexual enjoyment. And I do NOT remember the experience have having my foreskin removed (and anyone who claims they can remember the experience at 5 days old is, in fact, a liar).

      That this is a ’cause’ for some people is proof positive that the world is in seriously dire straits.

      1. How exactly is mutilating a sexual part not sexual Abuse?

        If circumcision is such a great thing, why can’t adults choose it for themselves? Children are not property to be remodeled to suit. Sure victims often reconcile themselves to the situation – like some of the victims of foot-binding were the stanchest defenders of the practice.

        A world in which more people are given the right to choose for themselves in issues that affect their own lives: That’s ‘dire straights’? I guess personal freedom is just too scarey a concept for some people.

        1. So, with that all said, are you going to be the one to offer to re-negotiate the contract between God & his chosen? Good luck with that.

        2. Simply because YOU choose to use an inflammatory label like mutilation does not make it so. Is an “innie” belly button also mutilation to you? Equating it to the practice of foot binding is absurd. Foot binding (as you WELL know) was a systematic, painful “training” over an extended period of time used to subjugate females, and it left its victims with severe disabilities as a result. There is no comparison other than your desire to inflame in your zealotry.

    2. And furthermore, Lars, its ironic that you use the SAME line of reasoning (Save the Children who can’t save THEMSELVES from what WE don’t like!!) that ANOTHER group of vocal zealots (the anti-gay fundies) have used for years in their attempts to stop gays from adopting children.

      Watch how easy it is:

      “It doesn’t matter who supports it or who opposes it, homosexual deviance is wrong. Because infants cannot defend themselves, the state should protect infants from homosexual deviance.”

      See? Funny thing is, they are JUST as sure that their world view is the absolute truth (and that everyone else is deluded) as you are. They think they are JUST as correct as you do that pushing an agenda to conform to the absolute truth is the RIGHT and ONLY option.

  8. Zach. If you had followed the ForeskinMan site. you would have seen the Rabbi issue is 2nd.
    Dr. Mutilator is the first.

    1. Hahahah! So anyone who reads this as anti-semitic is just wrong because he doesn’t bash Jews until the SECOND issue? Really?

  9. I agree with you completely on this one Zach. The key to moving away from circumcision, if that is the ultimate goal, is education, not a government ban. Anti-semitic tracts like this one serve only to invalidate their cause.

    I was circumcised. I don’t remember it. I don’t feel I suffered from it. No one I know remembers the “trauma” of circumcision. That being said, I can also get behind people who choose not to do it, for WHATEVER reason.

    Its about time that people just STOP trying to impose their own world view as absolute truth (read: zealotry)and decide that they are in position to legislate that “truth” into law.

    And is it just me, or does Captain Uncircumcised (in all his blond Aryan glory)look a little G-A-Y ?

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