Tim, Roma, The Bel Ami Boys(!!) And Everyone Else On The Red Carpet

Finally, the absolutely last post about last weekend’s Grabbys. And, it’s the best one because you get to hear the Bel Ami boys speak in broken English.

The Tim & Roma Show even interviewed The Sword, which is funny because I don’t even remember being there. Also, Jason Sechrest singing, Rob Romoni, Chi Chi, Jayden Grey, Riley Price, Brandon Wilde, Brent Everett, Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero, Chris Porter and Samuel Colt, Race Cooper, Parker Perry, Kirk Cummings, Dean Monroe, Alexander Freitas, Cavin Knight, and a very special treat from Jake Lyons.

Tim and Roma on the Grabbys red carpet:


6 thoughts on “Tim, Roma, The Bel Ami Boys(!!) And Everyone Else On The Red Carpet”

  1. Wow…the ilussion is gone! Porn stars please don’t speak a word and just act manly in movies. Some of them talk like prissy ladies.

  2. That was really only worth watching to see Zach. He is so fucking hot. All those other boys pale in comparison.

  3. BEL AMI BOYS. I want to stuff them in my pockets. And Chris Porter, too. But he’s getting all muscley and could probably work out an escape plan.

  4. So much for those English lessons the Bel Ami boys got in South Africa. They’re still beautiful though, I guess they spent too much time fucking! LOL!

    Oh was that Diego Vena? The boys in leather, woof!!

    Chris Porter is so adorable, I always want to pinch his cheeks, and ass, and never mind! Mr. Colt was looking dapper, very nice. Finally, I must say what a deep sexy voice the guy in the blue gingham shirt has. Heh, heh!

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