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Austin Wolf Signs as Exclusive

File this one under the “Gay Porn News We Never Saw Coming” category: Veteran performer Austin Wolf has just signed as an exclusive at for a year.

The muscle daddy is having himself quite a week: He picked up two Fan Favorite trophies at Thursday night’s GayVN Awards (for Favorite Body and the new Favorite Creator Site Star category…see all of the winners here), and now he has signed as an exclusive with a studio he’s never worked for before. took to social media to share the news, but few details beyond this are available:

The iconic performer joined the industry in 2012 and has had a prolific career over the last decade, working with major studios like Falcon, Hot House, Raging Stallion and CockyBoys, but has had scant studio work over the last year as he focused on his own content and running the platform 4My.Fans. His most recent scene came at CockyBoys with Greyson Myles and earned a Best Fetish Scene nomination at this year’s GayVN Awards. I have a hard time envisioning Austin in a lot of those silly and often obnoxious scenes we get from, so maybe his presence will help class up the joint a little bit?

What do you think of Austin signing at What kinds of scenes and scenarios would you like to see him in? Check out his official introduction promo below…


11 thoughts on “Austin Wolf Signs as Exclusive”

  1. No one cares. This guy is boring, lackluster and one note worthy. This is the perfect place for him to sign with. The studio is washed up and his porn star status is washed up too. He took too many bad routes in his porn career and so people aren’t clicking and following the way they used to and it shows.

  2. WHY ??? WHY ?? LOL hy would you want to sign with a ridiculous site that most people are leaving I dont mind him but hes still not enough to make me want to re join … closed my account due to all the crap they put out

  3. It might be nice if he does something different from his usual homemade child-abuse pedophile porn. What happened to his body? He was a big, brawny man, but lost a lot of muscle mass; and the body shaving is just gross….(only women and twinkies shave below the neck)

  4. Austin is still a hot daddy and I can get off watching him play. I wouldn’t mind a bit more diversity in his game though. Just hope he doesn’t do those stupid scenarios that has become known for.

  5. To be honest, I’m both excited and disappointed about this.

    On one hand, I’m excited to see Austin doing something else other than his boring homemade content for the last couple years. His past studio scenes has had a bit more diversity compared to the aforementioned.

    On the other, I’m disappointed that it had to be he signs an exclusive to. Which basically means he’ll be doing the same boring topping scenes with an actual camera man instead of his at home setup.

    But in the end I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I’ll wait and see what scenes he’ll film.

  6. I wouldn’t say “veteran”. More “past his prime and is trying anything to stay relevant”. File him along with Rafael Alencar.
    Wonder if Austin will be constantly playing with his nipples on every single scene. Oh nevermind we know the answer to that.

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