Beau Butler As a Total Top? (Who Knew?!)

Before we go any further, can we just stop and appreciate how handsome Beau Butler is? And when he smiles…forgettaboutit! The man does not take a bad picture or have a bad angle. He’s also one of the nicest people you will ever meet in the industry, which makes him all the more adorable.

Beau’s career has been on a tear since he started last year and quickly became a Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive (the ain’t no dummies!), his many highlights including his birthday bukkake blowout, his scuzzy men’s room romp with Sean Maygers, and his award-nominated, school-spirited spit roast at the hands of fellow Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives Max Konnor and Colton Reece. (See more of Beau Butler’s Top 10 Most Popular Scenes Of All Time!)

Beau Butler, Grant Ducati Beau Butler, Grant Ducati

You’ll notice the pattern: By and large, Beau is a bottom…and arguably the best in the business. He has shown off his top side in some of his self-made fan site porn, and given is a few studio scenes where he flips (including his hung threeway with Tristan Hunter and Zario Travezz; and his flip with the equally furry Rodrigo Amor). But studio scenes where he just tops? Good luck!

Beau Butler, Grant Ducati Beau Butler, Grant Ducati

Which is what makes his new Trailer Trash Boys scene all the more of a joy to watch. Beau is paired with hung bottom Grant Ducati, who needs some help getting his fan to work (poor Grant is super cute to look at, but apparently none too bright…he forgot to plug it in!). Beau moves in on the cute smoothie, the two swapping sucks before Beau munches out his bud.

Beau Butler, Grant Ducati Beau Butler, Grant Ducati

He then tops the hottie, who stays nice and stiff as he sits down on Beau’s bush (this sequence is so hot…Grant has such a plump shaft!). I also love watching Beau watch Grant as he fucks him, flashing that hot smile of his as he gets to show off a side we rarely see. What do you think of Beau on top?

See the full scene at Trailer Trash Boys!


11 thoughts on “Beau Butler As a Total Top? (Who Knew?!)”

  1. Love watching Beau in any scene he does Bottom or Top hes the most sexy adorable guy in the business I would love to see him with Ian Holm

  2. As I said before, this is one of the greatest things about being a gay male. Sometimes you feel like a top, sometimes you don’t.

    1. Exactly. I am totally unpredictable what I will turn out to be with any given guy. Bottom, top, or versa. As long as the connection is there, anything is equally fun to me.

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