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Beau Butler, Jayden Marcos & Derek Kage Among 2023 Fleshbot Award Winners

Falcon | NakedSword exclusive Beau Butler and Falcon were among the big winners of the 2023 Fleshbot Awards, which were announced this week. Beau was part of three wins, while Jayden Marcos and Derek Kage also took home top honors. Check out all of the winners below…who are your favorites?

Derek Kage, Paul Wagner
See Best New Star winner Derek Kage flip with Paul Wagner in Raging Stallion’s ‘Overdrive’ [WATCH]

  • Dom Llamas
  • Derek Kage – WINNER!
  • Braxton Cruz
  • Drake Von
  • Conrad Parker
  • Tony Genius
  • Eddie Patrick
  • Ryder Owens


  • Dillon Diaz
  • Derek Kage
  • Beau Butler
  • Roman Todd
  • Trevor Harris
  • Jayden Marcos – WINNER!
  • Andre Donovan
  • Jordan Starr

Beau Butler, Brogan
See Best Ass winner Beau Butler take Brogan’s cock in Raging Stallion’s ‘Overdrive’ [WATCH]

  • “Mario Galeno fucks Justin Jett” featuring Mario Galeno and Justin Jett (Tim Tales)
  • “Hot Daddies 4 Scene 3” featuring Killian Knox and Dylan Hayes (Icon Male)
  • “Royally Fucked Part 1” featuring Sir Peter and Justin Jett (Men)
  • “Marriage Material” featuring Calvin Banks and Jayden Marcos (Disruptive Films)
  • “Welcome To The Neighborhood” featuring Trevor Harris, Blain O’Connor, and Ryder Owens (Next Door Studios)
  • “Reality Porn #9” featuring Justin Jett and John Rodriguez (Kristen Bjorn)
  • “Well Bred Scene 1” featuring Lobo Carreira, Justin Jett, and Alex Ink (Raging Stallion)
  • “Cum Meat My Cowboy” featuring Calvin Banks, Colby Chambers, and Drake Von (Colby Knox) – WINNER!

Noah White, Cole Blue, Adam Snow
Noah White, sucks Cole Blue and Adam Snow in the Best Oral Scene from Gaycest [WATCH]

  • “Apprentice Tate | Chapter 2 The Interview” featuring Apprentice Tate and Master Snow (Masonic Boys)
  • “That Summer” featuring Carter Woods and Ryder Owens (Next Door Films)
  • “Door’s Unlocked” featuring Nico Coopa and Ryder Owens (Next Door Raw)
  • “The Professor, Tape 5: Meeting the Assistant” featuring Noah White, Adam Snow, and Cole Blue (Gaycest) – WINNER!
  • “Happy Endings” featuring Tristan Hunter, Cody Seiya, Trevor Brooks, Greyson Myles, Daniel Evans, Lane Colton, and Shea Reynolds (CockyBoys)
  • “Marcel & Bobby” featuring Marcel Eugene and Bobby Day (Cutler’s Den)
  • “Beaux Are Hoes Part 2” featuring Leo Louis and Leo Bacchus (Men)
  • “Make It Last” featuring Vincent O’Reilly and Sonny Blonde (HotHouse)

Nico Coopa, Kyle Fletcher
Best Flip Fuck winners Nico Coopa and Kyle Fletcher at Next Door [WATCH]

  • “The End” featuring Nico Coopa and Tony Genius (Disruptive Films)
  • “Door’s Unlocked” featuring Nico Coopa and Ryder Owens (Next Door Raw) – WINNER!
  • “Stiff In The Cock” featuring Damian Night and Troye Dean (Men)
  • “Summer Flings” featuring Oliver Marks and Devin Franco (Falcon Studios)
  • “Take A Break” featuring Kyle Flecther and Jordan Starr (Next Door Originals)
  • “The Walking Dad” featuring Dakota Lovell and Lawson James (SayUncle)
  • “Give and Take” featuring Derek Kage and Ethan Sinns (Raging Stallion)
  • “Break Time” featuring Joel Someone and Alpha Wolfe (Trailer Trash Boys)

Beau's First Gangbang
Best Group Scene winner “Beau’s First Gangbang” from NakedSword X Rhyheim [WATCH]

  • “Kosta Viking Gets Gang Banged” featuring Dom King, Harold Lopez, Jacob Lord, Kosta Viking, Manuel Skye, Rudy Gram, and Viktor (Lucas Entertainment)
  • “Smash” featuring Cutler X, Drew Sebastian, and Teddy Bryce (Cutlers Den)
  • “Southwest College Boys Group Fuck” featuring Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox, Oliver Marks, and Carter Collins (Colby Knox)
  • “Beau’s First Gangbang” featuring Gael, Rhyheim Shabazz, Alex Rosso, Blessed Boy, Andy Rodrigues, Gabriel Coimbra, Grande Simoes, Marcelo Caiazzo, Markin Wolf, Samuel Hodecker, and Beau Butler (NakedSword x Rhyheim) – WINNER!
  • “DeAngelo + Devin + Jkab” featuring DeAngelo Jackson, Devin Franco, and Jkab Ethan Dale (Rod’s Room)
  • “Double Feature” featuring Brian Bonds, Tucker Barrett, Marcus Rivers, and Myott Hunter (GayCest)
  • “Full Holes” featuring Jack Waters, Nick Floyd, Xtian Mingle, and Jordi Massive (SayUncle)
  • “Professor’s Choice” featuring Dillon Diaz, Asher Day, and Tony Genius (Noir Male)


  • “Sweat. Fuck. Repeat.” featuring Andre Donovan, Caden (Sean Cody), Colby Melvin, Drew Valentino, Jarrod James, Lawson James, Luca del Rey, Sean Xavier, Zod Blakk (Raging Stallion)
  • “Deangelo” featuring DeAngelo Jackson, Dillon Diaz, Koji Xander, Leo Luckett, and Zak Bishop (Noir Male)
  • “Royally Fucked” featuring Dean Young, Joey Mills, Justin Jett, Kyle Fox, and Sir Peter (Men)
  • “Friends in Heat: Season One” featuring Aaron Trainer, Brian Bonds, Jake Waters, Justin Yurmouth, and Matteo Nevaeh (Luxxxe Studios)
  • “Dis-Connecting” featuring Andy Onassis, Jackson Radiz, Justin Jett, Ken Summers, and Tyler Berg (Gay Angel Films)
  • “When Push Comes to Shove” featuring Ben Rush, Derek Kage, Devin Franco, Matt Wolf, and Ryan Brian (Club Inferno)
  • “Changes” featuring Andrew Miller, Derek Kage, Des Irez, Jayden Marcos, Kane Fox, Kyle (Sean Cody), and Tony Genius (Next Door Studios)
  • “Cheat Day” Alexander Muller, Beau Butler, Brock Brodie, Cade Maddox, Chris White, Kane Fox, Sean Xavier, Trevor Brooks, and Tristan Hunter (Falcon Studios) – WINNER!

Sean Xavier, Beau Butler
Sean Xavier and Beau Butler in Best Movie ‘Cheat Day’ from Falcon [WATCH]

  • Reese Rideout
  • DeAngelo Jackson
  • Beau Butler – WINNER!
  • Tony Genius
  • Roman Todd
  • Derek Kage
  • Blain O’ Connor
  • Michael Boston


  • Roman Todd
  • Reese Rideout
  • Drake Von
  • Trevor Harris
  • Rhyheim Shabazz – WINNER!
  • Cade Maddox
  • Andre Donovan
  • Jayden Marcos

Jayden Marcos, Logan Aarons
See Performer of the Year Jayden Marcos at Next Door [WATCH]

  • Trevor Harris
  • Ryder Owens
  • Drake Von – WINNER!
  • Dean Young
  • Noah White
  • Aaron Elias
  • Nick Floyd
  • Max Lorde


  • SantanaXXL – WINNER!
  • Micah Martinez
  • RR Bears
  • Daddy Will Angell
  • Felix Camp
  • Jarren Shan
  • Santi Del Rio
  • Jason Collins


  • Reese Rideout
  • Dale Savage
  • Christian Wilde
  • Micah Martinez
  • Adam Killian
  • Sir Peter – WINNER!
  • Sharok
  • Ryan Carter


  • Ben Rush
  • Marc MacNamara
  • Conrad Parker
  • Jeremy Babcock
  • Micah Martinez
  • Rhyheim Shabazz
  • Legrand Wolf – WINNER!
  • Big Mike


  • SantanaXXL
  • Reese Rideout
  • Teddy Bear
  • Dom Llamas
  • Beau Butler
  • Rhyheim Shabazz and Elijah Zayne
  • Conrad Parker
  • MrDeepVoice – WINNER!


  • The CC Boys – WINNER!
  • Trevor Harris
  • Ryan Landers
  • Johnny Stone
  • Alejandro Castiblanco
  • Mickey Knox
  • Darin Jones
  • Jason Stromm


  • Tony Salas
  • Johnny Moon
  • Benvi
  • Dale Savage
  • Diego Barros – WINNER!
  • Finn August
  • Jayden Jaxx
  • King Dwarf


  • Mr. Pam
  • Walden Woods
  • Reese Rideout – WINNER!
  • Brian Bonds
  • Dominic Pacifico
  • Jimmy Durano
  • Steve Cruz


11 thoughts on “Beau Butler, Jayden Marcos & Derek Kage Among 2023 Fleshbot Award Winners”

  1. Jayden awarded. Great, great, great. So great! Jayden is always good in all his scenes gay or str8. He is just a fantastic sex perfomer and enjoys life as good as possible. Bravissimo Jayden!

  2. Literally the lowest rent “awards” show that is entirely fixed and rigged. The only award dipshit Derek Kage should win is “best impression of a mouth breathing inbred”.

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