Phoenix Ocean, JJ Knight

Chef JJ Knight Is Serving Up Some Monster Meat & Delicious Cream

Hungry? In the mood to swallow down some heavy cream? What about a hearty serving of some girthy man meat? Great, because chef JJ Knight is ready to enter your home and fill you up with all of his delicious offerings in this installment of The Art of Swallowing!

For the cum-covered episode of this NakedSword Originals movie, JJ is being hired by Phoenix Ocean – yes, the same Phoenix who needed help picking a last name for his porn persona earlier this year – for a private, in-home cooking lesson. Phoenix isn’t too interested in gobbling down on the cook’s culinary creations though and instead would much rather sample the massive eggplant that’s hanging between his thighs. Take a look below:

Got any hot thoughts? Have you ever fucked in your kitchen like this? Would you ever 69 on your kitchen counter? Let us know in the comments below and for even more from this cum-hungry scene, click on over to “the Netflix of gay porn” –!



9 thoughts on “Chef JJ Knight Is Serving Up Some Monster Meat & Delicious Cream”

      1. yup – except those visually impaired folks who keep hiring him for “content” – what’s so odd is the overall look is deeply intentional – like, WTF dude – he seems to actively want to visually violate us

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