Sean Cody’s Phoenix Needs Help Picking A Last Name

We all know that a vast majority of Sean Cody’s performers are missing last names and one perfect example of that is mustached model Phoenix!

This stud just appeared as one of the latest guests on the Discretion Advised podcast and his lack of surname quickly became a topic of conversation among hosts Marc MacNamara and John Hill. Marc even started off their interview with Phoenix by challenging John to think of an appropriate last name for the actor.

“Phoenix needs a last name and I suggested – his branding, he’s very SoCal, California guys – so I was suggesting his last name be something associated with SoCal beach vibes,” said the podcast host.

Phoenix, who is set to make his NakedSword Originals debut later this year, was then blessed with an array of last names from John that included everything from SoCal locations like Huntington, Newport, and Topanga to oceanic creatures like fish, barracuda, and tilapia. (Honestly, Phoenix Barracuda as a porn name kinda slays. We wouldn’t blame him if he decided to go that direction with his name.)

In the end, the three podcasters didn’t land on an official last name for the upcoming NakedSword performer, but they did arrive at a couple of possibilities that would have the star going by the stage name Phoenix Malibu, Phoenix Carmel, or Phoenix Ocean.

Only time will tell what name this performer ends up going with, but in the meantime, go ahead and give some last name suggestions down in the comments. After you’re done with that, check out Phoenix’s entire Discretion Advised segment below and then go watch some of his more hardcore work over on!


5 thoughts on “Sean Cody’s Phoenix Needs Help Picking A Last Name”

  1. Sounds kinda corny Phoenix Fire be kinda fun or Phoenix Grey (like Jean Grey from the X-men plus her alter-ego Dark Phoenix).

  2. Universal Potentate

    Or alliteration …
    Phoenix Phoxxx
    Phoenix Phukboi
    Phoenix Phoenician
    Phoenix Phyre
    Phoenix Phlame

    I found it! Phoenix Phlame. His middle name can be Ocean so when he gets older, he can be called POPs.
    Phoenix Phlame (singular) or Phoenix Phlames (plural)?

    Phoenix Sagittarius also came to mind. It just impacts for some reason.

    PS Shave the Hitler stache.

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