Jayden Marcos & His Big Dick Return to the Service Station

If Next Door keeps this up, I’m going to have to reconsider which series is hotter: its Fraternity Fantasies (my favorite), or its trips to the Service Station. Thankfully, we get to see plenty of Jayden Marcos and his big dick in both of them—and it revs me up every single time.

A lot of that has to do with his voice…his deep, sexy, manly voice…which manages to breathe new life into the silly gay porn dialogue we’ve heard for decades. And it also has to do with how hot he looks in that auto mechanic uniform, which plays upon my love for blue collar cock. The lucky recipient of Jayden’s attention here is the adorable Ryder Owens, who quietly made his debut late last year at Active Duty and is now making his fourth Next Door appearance.

Jayden Marcos Jayden Marcos, Ryder Owen

Jayden Marcos, Ryder Owen Jayden Marcos, Ryder Owen

Ryder doesn’t mess around with what he wants when he walks into the auto shop, and that’s refreshing. Ryder is so damn cute (in certain shots and at certain angles, he looks just like Justin Matthews), the perfect partner to tempt Jayden. The two are soon swapping sucks, and Ryder looks genuinely excited on his knees right before that cock pops out in his face.

Jayden Marcos, Ryder Owen Jayden Marcos, Ryder Owen

Jayden Marcos, Ryder Owen

Ryder offers his hole and takes it over the motorcycle, then sits down on Jayden’s big dick for a ride—where we get some nice shots of the bottom’s hot nips (he and Jayden have two of the hottest sets in the business…I wanna nurse on all four of them!). Ryder gets on his back and stays nice and stiff, jacking his hot cock as he takes it. A thousand times yes to these two together (how about a flip fuck in Round 2?!).

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


17 thoughts on “Jayden Marcos & His Big Dick Return to the Service Station”

  1. Jayden is great. With a real charm -voice, eyes, smile and a splendid body. G4P, pansexual etc… make no sense. He is free to do what is best for him, the offers he receives and the need for $$$ he has. I enjoy to see so charming Jayden. Will Jordan Starr visit his “garage”? I wish

    1. Universal Potentate

      I don’t know who you people are, but the reason “gay for pay” is an entire category is because it turns a LOT of people on. So you can take your YUCK and shove it up your YUM HOLE.
      Also, Jayden is NOT gay for pay. He’s pansexual. He’s extremely open about this. You’re heterophobic and that attitude is a fucking stain on our community.

      1. He’s not pansexual. He says that to keep the gays from turning a cold shoulder to him.
        HE’S GAY FOR PAY. Just like Roman Todd

        1. Why don’t these guys do straight porn? Better pay in gay for pay? Do they make more $ than gay guys in porn?

          1. Yes and they usually get treated better on set too. STR8 porn is all about the women and men are just dick to put in them.

        2. I do not care a bit about gay or str8 or pan. Is rhe guy hot? Does he kiss? Does he suck dick? Does he take dick? I dont care about politics, zodiac sign, or veganism. It’s porn. Just for my amusement.

    2. Why does it matter – he’s an actor, a fucking hot sexy actor at that. Gay porn pays better and if he wasn’t good, then they wouldn’t put him in videos – but he has a strong following, so why do you care?? I don’t care what these porn actors do in their personal lives, who they fuck or who they love. I follow the porn actors I like best and those who get my cock hard.

  2. Universal Potentate

    Jayden is beautiful and sweet, but he just seems like a boring lay. Everything else about him screams “sexy” but he just doesn’t have good hip movement.
    I haven’t seen him just pound the fuck out of someone. It’s not like bottoms don’t exist who couldn’t take that thing.

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