Beau Butler, Sir Peter

Beau Butler Suits Up For Sir Peter’s XXL Dick

You’ve patiently been waiting for the chance to watch the first scene of Strong Suit ever since we showed you the movie’s full trailer earlier this month and now, the time has finally come! The premiere episode of Raging Stallion and MENatPLAY’s new collaborative project just hit the internet, so just sit back and get ready to enjoy some suited studs, thick cakes and impressively girthy dicks.

In the scene, we come across a suited Falcon | NakedSword Beau Butler as he readies himself for an important job interview with a big firm in Torremolinos. After running into Sir Peter though, his mind is quickly consumed by another “big firm” as he heads into the stranger’s hotel room. There, Beau gets the chance to break out his perfectly hairy cheeks, 69 with the businessman’s monster cock and take a bareback ride on Sir’s Peter all while – in classic MENatPLAY fashion – still rocking his professional attire. Take a look below:

Got any hot thoughts? Have you ever hooked up with a random businessman like this? Do you think your ass could handle Sir Peter’s incredibly fat hog? Let us know in the comments below and if you want to see even more from this sexy Strong Suit hookup, click over to or!

[Watch STRONG SUIT ft. Beau Butler & Sir Peter]


6 thoughts on “Beau Butler Suits Up For Sir Peter’s XXL Dick”

  1. Has Beau-ring Butler not retired yet? I mean he has had more traffic through him than the Channel Tunnel.
    Oh and Beau- probably shouldn’t have them shoot your dick next to Sir Peters. Yours is tiny enough as is, that just makes it look minuscule.

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