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One Bareback Spit-Roast With A Cum Drenched Smile On The Side

We learn something else as those BelAmi boys continue their bareback tour of Mykonos. Just like with yogurt, there’s such a thing as a Greek-style creampie too.

The only thing this summer close to rivaling the sheer beauty and sexual wonder we saw in “Tarzan” has been following along with one dozen BeliAmi boys who beauty, and the size of their loads, only seems to be amplified by the Mediterranean sky in their summer series, “Last Summer In Greece.”

belami greek summer
Watching Roald Ekberg, Marcel Gassion, Adam Archuleta, Brian Jovovich, and Robin Michaux in their Greek G-d sexual grudge match last week gets played out today as Helmet Huxley, Jerome Exupery, and Hoyt Kogan lock themselves away for their own high-stakes game of “musical bottoms.”

belami greek summer
In today’s game, there are no losers. Jerome Exupery spends the afternoon with his angel face flushed as Helmet and Hoyt bend him into a sexual pretzel and take big bites from all sides.

belami greek summer
I take that back. Seeing the sitting spit-roast Jerome is getting here, there is indeed a winner in this game of musical bottoms.

belami greek summer
And here’s that cum drenched smile I promised you. When I say there’s much more to come, yes that means there’s much more to cum. That smile gets a lot bigger. Including a hint that this isn’t the last game of musical bottoms we’re going to see either which means “Game on” or as the BelAmi boys are saying now, “παιχνίδι στο.”

[Watch the full “Last Summer in Greece” series at BelAmi]

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