billy santoro and nick capra

Nick Capra to Billy Santoro: “You Stink!”

Billy Santoro and Nick Capra will not be collaborating on Billy’s website anytime soon.

Back in December, we reported that Billy Santoro was launching his own site, Leaked and Loaded. The idea behind was pretty clever. It would feature porn star’s personal, cell phone captured, bareback videos with almost none of that studio rigamarole.

Seems some of the included “rigamarole” would be a payment that doesn’t rise above the cheapest thing on an average porn star’s Amazon wish list. Nick Capra will take a pass and thinks his fellow models should too.

[The tweet has since be deleted …
… this mock up will give you the idea of the complete tweet]

Billy hasn’t replied to Nick. If he does, I imagine it will look something like this …

This tussle is nothing new. These two have been at it for a while …

[Watch Nick Capra and Billy Santoro at Naked Kombat]


Let the gaymes begin …

9 thoughts on “Nick Capra to Billy Santoro: “You Stink!””

    1. Tweets come and go and lightspeed. He must have deleted it indeed. So, I just made us an artist’s representation and updated the post. Thanks, Seaguy

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