blake mitchell sean ford zach taylor three way helix

The Most Infamous Helix Three-Way Of Them All

Filming “Breakin’ In” for the blue screen led a real life break up off-screen proving once and for all, that not everything stays in Vegas.

We’ve been following along with Helix’s tale of “cock crazed criminals” filmed in Sin City. Today’s finale not only puts an end to the series, the filming led to the end of the coupledom between Helix stars Brad Mitchell and Casey Tanner.

Today, the tasty threesome of Blake Mitchell, Sean Ford, and Zach Taylor rejoice at the news their nemesis being carted off to the clink with a celebratory split-roast.

blake mitchell sean ford zach taylor three way helixThe real life soap opera was chronicled by Str8UpGayPorn. In a nutshell, Brad couldn’t keep his dick out of Sean Ford after the cameras stopped rolling. Casey said, “sayonara, cheater.” Relationships are difficult period. Relationships between porn stars all the more complicated. There’s more than one reason this shoot got messy.

blake mitchell sean ford zach taylor three way helixDJ Porn Star turned director Dominic Pacifico must have his hands full trying to keep this ship on course. But prevail he did. Bottom extraordinaire Zack Taylor was almost as smitten as with Blake Mitchell’s fabled dick as Sean was.

As for attraction between them, it’s not difficult to understand why. Sean Ford is quite a present to the senses.

And though we have to wait to see it, after Casey dropped Blake, Blake dropped both his safe only and top only status. Is that Sean Ford about to pluck that cherry? Bingo. Watch this blog.

blake mitchell sean ford zach taylor three way helixA game of tag team tonsil hockey and “Bionic Blake” is ready for action. His bottoms are butt to butt and Blake is in the middle blasting one with his fingers and the other with his big dick. Let the spit-roasting begin.

blake mitchell sean ford zach taylor three way helixWith Zach Taylor happily occupying the spot of the cock whore in the middle Sean fucks his face as Blake bangs his butt, then they switch. But watch Blake’s hands. Not even Zack could keep him and Sean apart. The result of this primal lust was Zach being drenched with both of their gigantic gushers before uncorking his own white flag. I told you things got messy.

[Watch Sean, Zach, & Blake in “Breakin’ In” scene four]

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