Performers, Positions & Plants: 2023 Bony Award Winners Revealed

Earlier this month, you took the polls right here on to cast your votes for all your favorite nominees for the first annual Bony Awards, and now, after thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of votes, Discretion Advised is revealing the winners for this very serious and highly prestigious awards show! Fans everywhere are now finally going to be able to discover who and what won titles for Best Position to Try at Home, Best Use of a Food Item and Best Appearance by an Indoor House Plant.

During the latest episode of the Falcon | NakedSword podcast, hosts Marc MacNamara and John Hill dedicated the entire show to naming this year’s big winners. (Spoiler alert) This includes wins for major big dick projects like Blame it on Rio: Beau’s First Gangbang along with the action adventure films The Swords and First Mission. Movies like Falcon’s Cumming Home For Christmas and Raging Stallion’s Big Load Movers also saw some love throughout the podcast episode as Marc and John revealed who the fans voted for.


This episode of Discretion Advised also saw special appearances by multiple Bony Award winners like Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives Beau Butler, Cole Connor (pictured above) and Drew Valentino along with Falcon Studios favorites like Dean Young and Angel Rivera. At one point, Marc and John each have some in-depth conversations with inanimated objects that appeared in some of your favorite bareback projects throughout the last year. Like we said, this was a very serious endeavor and should be treated as such.

For the complete list of winners, go ahead and watch the below video or be sure to check out the newest episode of Discretion Advised over on your favorite podcast app. After that, head over to “the Netflix of gay porn” – – right now to watch every single one of this year’s Bony Award nominees and winners!

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  1. You couldn’t just print a list? I have to go watch and listen to those two clowns? Of course, the whole “awards” thing was nothing more than self-aggrandizement.

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