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The Struggle For Dominance

When things get this “Primal”, there’s no such thing as “no man’s land.”

The snap of a jockstrap. The clink of the chains. The sound of a leather sling cutting through the air. For some, they are the call of the wild. But for Brian Bonds and Brogan Reed, they are triggers for their most animalistic sexual urges that are never far below the surface.

The depths of their craving for cock are measured thrust by thrust in this second scene from “Primal” by Raging Stallion.

brogan reed brian bonds flip fuckWhen it comes to Brian Bonds, as we already saw with Sebastian Kross, “The Thirst Is Real” is much more than just a movie title. And when it comes to the specific kind of dicks that make his mouth water, the thicker the better. They have the same effect of his ass. Today, Brian Bonds’ girthy pole was the initial object of his desire. “Initial” being the operative word.

brogan reed brian bonds flip fuckThe sight of a Brogan on his knees and the piggy hunger for his cock brought out Brian’s dominant side. He didn’t just fuck Brogan’s face. He stuffed him full of his fat shaft and his bloated balls. Then his tongue did the same number on Brogan’s ass.

brogan reed brian bonds flip fuckHis ass hair clings to Brian’s cock with every thrust as the momentum of the sling impales himself on Brian’s dick as Brian slams forward. Flipping over mid-fuck, the leather seat made for even deeper drilling until Brogan’s dick was leaking a steady stream of precum.

brogan reed brian bonds flip fuckWhen anyone is this thirsty, things are bound to get “Primal”. Those glistening drops were too much for Brian to resist. He drops to knees and licks them up then lands on his back and hooks a hairy leg over Brogan’s shoulder. Pounding him like a wild animal, Brogan’s thrusts have Brian shooting his load all the way to his furry pecs Brogan aims his dripping cock right at Brian’s open, hungry mouth. Thirst quenched.

[Watch Brogan Reed & Brian Bonds in “Primal” scene two]

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