Caio Veyron fucks Diego Reyes TimTales

Caio “The Human Kickstand & Super Soaker” Veyron

There’s eleven fat, uncut reason Caio Veyron is a TimTales exclusive. Paired today with ultra muscle bottom Diego Reyes, this may be one of Tim Kruger’s hottest pairings yet.

With but 154 pounds on his 5’11” frame, too often Caio Veryon looks like he needs a few carbs more than another hole to destroy. Teaming him with Diego Reyes, who is one inch shorter but more than 50 pounds heavier should drive that visual home. Should. But au contraire.

This time Caio doesn’t hold back. Especially when it comes to giving Diego something to remember him by.

Caio Veyron fucks Diego Reyes TimTalesCasting at TimTales has one overriding parameter. It’s more about physiology than chemistry. Not who wants those huge cocks: but who can actually take them to the balls. A couple of weeks ago, we saw Diego Reyes pass that test having been broken in by none other than Tim Kruger himself. Today, it’s Cairo’s turn. He doesn’t take it easy while it looked liked Diego could have taken it even harder.

Caio Veyron fucks Diego Reyes TimTalesThough it’s forced into too many scenes on too many sites, when rough sex is organic, and not just in the script, it most definitely has its time and place. Like today. Unlikely a match up as they may be on paper, Diego and Caio together brought out the dom and sub in each other that gives this good, old fashioned hole destruction an extra sexual edge.

Caio Veyron fucks Diego Reyes TimTalesNo camera tricks or Photoshop wizardry here: Caio pummels him as hard and fast it appears. And not only in this position.

Caio Veyron fucks Diego Reyes TimTales“Show ’em how much you like it, boy.”

[Watch Diego Reyes and Caio Veyron at TimTales]

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