Tim Kruger fucks Diego Reyes TimTales

Tim Kruger Gives Diego Reyes A Protein Infusion

After the workout Tim gave his green-eyed muscle bottom, Diego needed every drop.

Although “National Kiss A Ginger Day” was last week, the desire burns on. First, it was Sean Cody’s new fire-crotch, Thom, yesterday and today; it’s the King of all things big and crimson, Tim Kruger himself. Ian Torres and Ken Summers get a break today while Diego Reyes almost gets broken.

Tim Kruger fucks Diego Reyes TimTalesBetween having the dick that everyone wants and TimTales being his site, Tim steps in front of the lens for one chief reason: his dick is hungry for who else will be joining him. Check out Diego with almost 210 pounds of muscle packed on his 5’10” frame. No wonder he has arms like a beast and takes a dicking like one too.

Tim Kruger fucks Diego Reyes TimTalesDiego likes, It’s his lucky day.

Tim Kruger fucks Diego Reyes TimTalesActually, it’s everyone’s lucky day today. Except those looking for a passive, genial pounding. The one Diego receives from Tim is relentless.

Tim Kruger fucks Diego Reyes TimTalesNo wonder Diego worked up such an appetite.

[Watch Diego Reyes & Tim Kruger at TimTales]

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